Sketchtoberfest - October 2012

An October activity for all to enjoy - Sketchtoberfest!

The "rules" -

Have an old sketch/design idea/outline/pattern ready that you tried before that you tried and feel you didn't quite succeed at and have some time free to do a picture over the month.

1. Sign up to the event as "going" or "not going" by October 1st - maybes will confuse the issue! :)You can also leave a reply on this post if you want in, or email me - donalfall *at* and I'll count you in the grouping.

2. On October 1st, I'll randomly mix up all entrants.

3. Your "attempt" will be assigned to one person and you will be assigned someone else's "attempt".

4. Over the course of October, do a sketch/painting/craft piece/etc of your version of the old pic assigned to you. Keep us all updated with pics!

5. At the end of the month, forward the finished version to your assigned person and post it on Pub Scrawl!

Here's round one -

Donal Fallon gives an idea to Jay Penn, who still sends a sketch to Aisling Bradley, who still gives a sketch to Em Young, who still gives her idea to Mary Lillis, who sends her stuff to Lisa Campion, who posts an idea to Brian Patrick Fogarty, who tags Patrick Gavin to rework an image. Patrick sends his idea to Joris Burla, who gives a sketch to Yolande O'Brien, who sends an idea to Anita McGarry, who emails an idea to Katie Creaven, who finally sends her idea on to Donal again.

And that's the first ring! Keep signing up if you want, peoples. If we get another few in the next few days I can do a "Round 2".

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