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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Galway Pub Scrawl #80 - If the glove fits.../Galway Lab Scrawl

We had TONS of fun in 091 Labs tonight with those guys - drawing on the walls was a blast. I didn't take half enough photos, but this is an evolving project - the guys down in the labs are welcoming us back when we can to keep filling details out, sketch, paint, stick etc to make the labs pretty! :) You can find the labs here -

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- and if people are about, go in to poke at the walls/add your own stamp to the proceedings! I'll post more pictures on this project as time goes by! Here's my limited sampling. I won't bother making much comment on these as there's multitudes in each picture and I didn't get good samples of a few of the guys work. I'll go back and get more, as I said. ;)

Make sure to check back with us next week for more links & updates from your friendly local Pub Scrawl! :)

Monday, January 14, 2013

Admin Monday 14 JAN 2013!

Wow, another year of art and links to look forward to. Now hopefully we'll find plenty to keep you all entertained.


Joe Neary points us towards this good cause which needs some Art, from you, by Monday the 28th if you have the time.


PaddyD was reading this article from the Irish Times about last year being a stand out year for Irish Comics. Hopefully there'll be even more in the year to come.

I was blown away by these awesome creature designs from Pascal Blanche. He has a book out, y'know.

Richard Pace encourages you to rekindle the passion for your drawings in a very fun (and only slightly dirty) blog post.

Tom Fowler's D(ungeons)&D(ragons)&D(oodles) Tumblr is shaping up to be my new favourite Tumblr blog.

This video of Jerome Witkin drawing from life -

Jerome Witkin Drawing Demonstration from LCAD MFA on Vimeo.

- oh my.

Massive Fantastic is a new site full of the good stuff (videos, podcasts, articles) on Art.

There is cool 3-D effect art on Order in Debris:

And Tim Bruckner gave some good tips on painting eyes at Muddy Colors!

That's it from me - come join us in seven days time for another Galway Pub Scrawl! #78 Fun with Art!!