June 2014

We're fast approaching the start of the 30 Day Drawing Challenge 2014!

As usual, all Art that gets sent in to me will feature here on the blog and in our Facebook group, labelled with the Artist's name and contact details as appropriate/possible. Make sure to post the Art on Facebook and tag me in it or email it to me donalfall (at) gmail.com. All skill levels are accepted, it's just important to have fun with it! Everyday of the month, check the topic and make some kind of Artwork inspired by that.

Here's the full list -

Day One - Portrait of a family member

Day Two - Draw your "opposite self"

Day Three - The old ragdoll

Day Four - Favourite poem/lyrics

Day Five - Warrior Fruit/Vegetable

Day Six - Irrigated Brains

Day Seven - Birth of a God/Mythical creature

Day Eight - Make at least one 3-panel comic of your day (like an hourly comic)

Day Nine - Just another manic monkey (Pub Scrawl #112)

Day Ten - Blood (is the life)

Day Eleven - Scenery/Landscape

Day Twelve - Were-(animal of your choice)

Day Thirteen - Triskaidekaphobia

Day Fourteen - The Wizard of Oz with Dr Sketchy's Galway

Day Fifteen - Design a Lady Knight (use Dogbomber's Lady Knight Generator if you want)

Day Sixteen - Fear into Fantasy

Day Seventeen - Favourite Internal Organ

Day Eighteen - Something Gold/Yellow

Day Nineteen - Choose your favourite possession. Make a Pokemon out of it.

Day Twenty - Something beautiful

Day Twenty One - Chess pieces

Day Twenty Two - Make an Urban Sketch with Urban Sketchers Galway

Day Twenty Three - Re-imagine a pulp character as a modern day/futuristic character or a Noir version of a nursery rhyme character at Pub Scrawl #113

Day Twenty Four - Strawberry Gothic

Day Twenty Five - Summertime

Day Twenty Six - Your favourite Irish Historical character/myth

Day Twenty Seven - What if everyday technology was alive?

Day Twenty Eight - Master Copy

Day Twenty Nine - Draw a Human/Elf/Dwarf/Halfling (Fantasy)

Day Thirty - Anything you'ld like!

Stay tuned for a month of amazing Art!

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