Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Galway Pub Scrawl #75 - Epic Galway Lab Scrawl!

We had a load of fun in 091 Labs for our Epic Galway Lab Scrawl! We almost had a disaster when both Patrick and Jay texted to say they couldn't come. We were on the verge of cancelling, but we struggled ahead somehow.

:D In their minds!

Here's everyone having a great time in the main space of the Labs -

Brian and I were sympatico this evening - Giant Robots!

Oisin was drawing a lot of shoes:

Mary has an awesome bag o'markers.

Katie didn't like that this photo had her in it, so....

... I obviously took one with just her art in it. :D

Yolande crocheted away.

Chucky was drawing more elaborate pieces than usual. I liked them, although he has elaborate back stories I can't repeat here.

Ger brought a full set up!

And Ciara gave us this creepy/coy clown.

And a peril of being in the Labs is that random members wander about licking nerf guns. Joey took on the role this time.

We'll be back in McSwiggans for Galway Pub Scrawl #76! Make sure to come hang with us then. :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Admin Monday 19th NOV 2012

Back with more news and links with your friendly neighbourhood Pub Scrawl!

Patrick Gavin posted these cool "realistic Blanka" (from Street Fighter) pictures today and I didn't want to wait to post them -

Patrick says he "went with the camo and jade aztec mask instead of unexplained monsterism!"

Seeing as McSwiggans is busy entertaining their own staff on the next normal Pub Scrawl day, I've arranged with our friends in 091 labs to host a little Lab Scrawl in the main room, 091 labs (same place we had the 24 hour comic drawing day).

The labs is BYOB, you can indeed bring some drinks if you like. For those who aren't boozing, bring your own refreshments, or you can buy something from the Labs tuck shop.

If you are a member (and we have a few members) the Lab Scrawl is free. The rest of you, I expect you to throw a few coins in the donations tin - but I probably won't be checking!!!

Also, I have no work that day or the next, so if we're having fun, we can stay later than usual - so be entertaining! We'll have more space than usual to spread out, so bring bigger art supplies than normal if you like.

We're deep into Movember and NaNoWriMo now, so I really have to show the fruits of our busy October, Sketchtoberfest! This was a lot of fun, but we'll have to run it in a more fast and furious and active way next year -

What Jay did with my sketch:

What Patrick did with Brian's sketch:

What Joris did with Patrick's sketch:

Go here for more. :)

And some links -

I was in nodnoL and went looking for Phil Hale's portrait of Tony -

which I've seen before, but after his interview with Sidebar I really wanted to see it again! Alas, not to be. These collections rotate and it wasn't up, as far as I could tell.

I did see this work by Marianne Ferm in London though -

very simple printmaking techniques, masterfully built to make something amazing. I was very impressed.

Greg Manchess talked about 10 things he's learned about applying paint.

I really liked Fernando Vicente's "Contemporary Literary Atlas".

And Wesley Burt posted a whole load of *beautiful* sketches on his tumblr after not being visible for a while.... probably working hard on some amazing project.

Oisin pointed us at this collection of Archer imagery, collected by one of the leading ladies of Fantasy Art, Irene Gallo (so you know it's good).

Paul Hornschemeier made my Amazon Wish List longer with this Blog post about art materials and comic booking.

Michael Whelan and Paul Pope both snazzed up their websites recently.

Scott Kurtz spoke the unvarnished truth about the industry and creator's rights.

Serge Birault is releasing an art book - and it looks sexy!!!!! :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Galway Pub Scrawl #74 - Let the dice fall where they may...

Another awesome night at the Pub Scrawl! :) Super busy, lots going on. And here it is -

Our favourite bartender, Ronan, has informed us that the McSwiggans staff are having a staff Christmas party on the next normal Pub Scrawl night, so we'll have it in a month, rather than get kicked out within half an hour! December 10th for the next Scrawl you guys.

EDIT: I take it all back. We're doing another Pub Scrawl... in 091 labs! I shall update you here with details, but the event is on Facebook See you all then!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Admin Monday 05 NOV 2012

Another week of news and links from your friendly local Pub Scrawl -

Sketchtoberfest staggered towards some kind of ending! Click on the link for updates and pictures! :)

Alongside Jay posting his 24 hour comics day not-a-comic, Helen also published her comic and her thoughts on it on her blog. AND you can find James Newell's pages here.

I was encouraging everyone to make a self-portrait on Conceptart.org's International Self-Portrait Day and go post it there.

I messed mine up something rotten, but I did get this snap of the pencils -

and here are some Pub Scrawl people's -

Stephanie Power -

Brian Naughton -

Anita McGarry

And some links! -

Niall "Young Jim" Fallon pointed us at the pencil drawing the world has been bowled over by -

DiegoKoi's Sensazioni

Ragz pointed us towards the images Ian Levine has revealed for "The Daleks' Master Plan"

I love the humour and the drawing on display in the Tragedy Series.

Helen pointed us towards this awesome art project for charity, which has me thinking....

I loved this article on how a Rhino turned into Cthulhu and this follow-up article on Murray Tinkelman's process.

D'Israeli wrote this amazing post on how he laid out his double page spread for a recent issue of 2000AD. AND he's re-vamping his "D'Freebies of D'Israeli" section. Go check it out!

The Spectrum Fantastic Art call for entries is up! Apply if you feel you're up to it!

James Gurney linked to the Mucha Documentary, now broken up and on youtube -

Part One here -

Faith is Torment highlighted this Cut Currency art by Scott Campbell - it's something else.

And that's it for another links & news day! I'll be in London when this posts - will try and find some fun news from there, for you. :)