Monday, March 24, 2014

Admin Monday 24th MAR 2014

WOAH! There has been an awful lot of excitement in Pub Scrawl towers recently. You can find some of what we've been up to on the Facebook page and over on the new Urban Sketchers Galway blog. Join up with the new Urban Sketchers Galway group there or on their Facebook page!


Mary made us some new banners! You've probably noticed how slick the top of page is looking -

Please give us a +1 on Google and share us with your friends to help show off our new image!

Dr. Sketchy's Galway will be having their next event on the 5th in Kelly's and their next one confirmed for the 10th of May in Monroe's Live! Buy your tickets as soon as they become available!

Drink and Draw Sligo are talking about having an event soon! Go check their Facebook page and keep your diaries open between the 7th - 10th of April if you're in the Sligo neighbourhood. ;)


Helen linked an article on the amazing skills of Daniel Van Der Noon and the intricate cityscapes he draws.

There's a full upload of the Wyeth's World documentary by Michael Palin - essential watching.

David Gray put up an awesome tutorial video on transferring your drawing to you final support for painting using the Oil Transfer method -

All the human skin tones are being matched to their pantone colours over on the ongoing project, the Humanae Tumblr.

Brian Cunningham from Drink and Draw Sligo sent us a link to this great video of Stan Lee giving advice to young creators, talking about his creative process, etc.

I've become a little addicted to sketchbook walkthrough videos on Youtube since I posted the amazing Scott Robertson/Darren Quach sketchbook walkthrough last fortnight. This one from Jake Parker is outstanding -

We had a bit of a confab over on the Facebook page about good Art podcasts - if you know some more, tell us in the comments or join us there with some more good links!

Here's the few we talked about:
Suggested Donation
Dirty Sponge
Make it, then tell everybody
& Sidebar Nation

The Flooby Nooby blog had some tips on drawing and character design from Robert Cory - done in charming cartoons and illustrations! You should go check it out.

You can find some cool images in this exhibition catalog - Heroes, Villains, Myths, Legends at the Rehs Contemporary Gallery. It's a nice mix of Fantasy/Realism/Contemporary pictures.

Keep coming back to check out the blog or come join us on the 31st in McSwiggans for the next Galway Pub Scrawl!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Galway Pub Scrawl Special Event 011 - Hanging out at ITZACon

So we went to spend a few hours among the lovely nerds at ITZACon, (website/Facebook), NUI, Galway's Fantasy & Sci-Fi Gaming Convention.

Here's what we drew while hanging out at the College Bar!

The theme of the Con is Time Travel, but we didn't touch on that much! :)

Don't forget that Urban Sketchers Galway is kicking off tomorrow with a draw around the University as well! And keep coming back to check out the blog or come join us on the 31st in McSwiggans for the next Galway Pub Scrawl!

Monday, March 17, 2014

17 MAR 2014 - On hiatus 'til the 31st!

Just in case anyone is looking for us, we're not meeting today (the 17th) as it is St. Patrick's day and our friendly local bar staff will be overworked enough down in McSwiggans without having to look after us as well. We'll return on the 31st for our next Pub Scrawl meet-up, so if you want to drink and draw around Galway, that's where and when you'll find us.

If you want to make contact with like-minded souls, come join the conversation on our Facebook group or follow us on twitter - all welcome!

There is a Urban Sketchers Galway group starting, so if you want to draw the outside world, you can find us hanging around NUI, Galway this Sunday (the 23rd) in the afternoon. for Drawing Galway 001. Keep an eye on the all-new blog for events and photos of our sketch adventures!

And don't forget that we are spoiled for access to Art - Dr. Sketchy's Galway will be having their next event on the 5th in Kelly's! Buy your tickets as soon as they become available!

Draw your hearts out, and come join us on the 31st in McSwiggans!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Admin Monday 10th MAR 2014

Woops, forgot to do the last one of these, so here's a bumper crop of links and updates:

Updates -

We had our first Dr. Sketchy's Galway yesterday in Monroe's Live - great session, great venue. Keep an eye out for the next one in April! It was very exciting, very rewarding drawing. Huge thanks to Scarlett and her crew for all their hard work. Lots of Pub Scrawlers won doughnuts and tequila for their sketches, so we were well-represented.

James Newell and Ronan Coyle have started a new fortnightly drawing challenge, Lead Wednesday. Check out the site and contact them to get involved.

Links -

There was a good tutorial on form & perspective over on autodestruct:digital

Patrick linked to a cool Human Anatomy app on Google Play, MARA3D. You can look at different levels of musculature, etc, all on your smart phone or tablet. Very handy.

Cynthia Sheppard put up a very touching blog post about using her Art to help get through her divorce.

Helen reminded us that Schoolism is running great online courses.

Not a huge amount of content, but an interesting look at the History of the Nude in Art over on The Guardian. From there you'll find tons more links about Art on The Guardian website, worth checking out.

Muddy Colors posted the amazing winners of their Rising Stars annual contest. The winners (and the runners-up) are stars indeed.

On the Urban Sketchers' blog there was a lovely illustrated tutorial on how to care for fountain pens.

Niall linked to Kerby Rosane's webpage. I had linked to some of Kerby's work before, but couldn't find his actual webpage - great find.

Helen linked to the Facebook page "SculpLovers" - especially this tutorial pic on blocking out forms:

Scott Robertson talks through Darren Quach's sketchbook with him - it's a thing of mechanical beauty.

Conor linked us to this cool blog by a guy who designs and re-designs art for film - it's very interesting and full of thought processes-talk -

If you sign up at the "Masters Secrets Summit" you get emailed links for great interview videos every couple of days? It's free to sign up, and the one I got a chance to watch by Matt Fussell was very informative.

It doesn't seem likely that the Camera Obscura Doc "Tim's Vermeer" will be coming to Galway - here's another lady who built her own one if you want to read more on the subject. Stephanie also linked to pictures of one that was set up in Camden Palace in Cork last summer - very cool.

The nominees for the Spectrum 21 awards are up on John Flesk's blog and they are FANTASTIC.

That's it, that's all - the next regular Pub Scrawl would fall on St. Patrick's day, which is NOT a day to expect to get to concentrate on drawing or craft-making in the pub, so we'll skip. Come join us in the back room of McSwiggan's for Galway Pub Scrawl #107 - Once you go blackberry, you'll never go back... berry.