Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Galway Pub Scrawl #73 - When will we three sketch again?

A fun night at the Pub Scrawl! It was weirdly quiet, both for us and the regular folk about town. But we had fun anyhow. Time for the photos, less rambling.

Our tidy little gathering in our favourite spot.

Yolande was busy with her Sketchtoberfest piece.

Here he is, in all his weirdy Sackboy-meets-weirdness glory.

Patrick was busy sketching away at Undead Steven Seagal...

and Ghost Boobs!

Jay was also busy with his Sketchtoberfest piece -

And Declan was doing... well, this... :)

Chucky was working away in his SB.

And I was doing character designs....

... and some Witches. My toned paper has become weirdly greasy though, it was hard to lay the blacks down.

And Tara may not have been there, but her Pirate Ship cake was the star of the show!

Woo hoo! Make sure to come check back on us in another two weeks for the Galway Pub Scrawl!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Admin Monday 22nd OCT 2012

Another fortnight of news and links from the Galway Pub Scrawl! :)

So we made it, you guys, we did the 24 hour comic day.

Last minute update - Jay posted his 24 hour comic day not-a-comic today. Check it out!

The end of Sketchtoberfest is on the way. 9 more days to finish up whatever you are doing!

Links, links, links :

Sarah Ford shared a great blog post on the Narrative Development of her idea for a project about Myths...

The awesome, mighty Cerebus Comic run - "High Society" became available in a set of Digital Downloads from a great new site. It includes a video of Dave Sim, the creator, reading it aloud, as well as all kinds of extra art and notes.

The Illustration Master Class revealed their survey winners - basically a vote amongst the class as to who is the best in class. Amazing.

Mark Kennedy wrote this great post on why the environment in your art is also a character.

Patrick pointed out, rightly, that Jeff 'Dekal' Becker's website is full of great art.

Pascal Campion does these beautiful, colour filled sketches every day.

Scamp.ie, the Irish Illustration blog, is always worth a read - and they're back posting on a regular basis.

Mike Doyle is one of those people who take their Lego very seriously.

Today's Inspiration had a great guest post from the Lost Art Books guys on their new set, The Lost Art of Heinrich Kley.

I really liked these motion capture photos of liquids.

That's it once again,

donalfall out.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Galway Pub Scrawl 24 hour comic day - with 091 labs & NUIG Comic Soc!

A lotta fun, but no sleep you guys. Here's the pictures, I'll come back with the last few when I've slept.


Hour 3

Hour 6

Hour 9

Hour 12

Hour 15

Hour 18


James Newell

Leigh Ashmore

Jay Penn

Brian Naughton

Patrick Gavin

Donal Fallon

Final Pages:

James Newell

Jay Penn

Brian Naughton

Declan Carroll

Leigh Ashmore

Donal Fallon

Before I go off to my rightly deserved rest, I have to point out that Rob "won" 24 hour comics day - 24 pages, 23 hours!!! The man is a legend.

More photos and comments later, including photos of all my pages lined up.

Friday, October 19, 2012

More advice from 24 hour comic day survivors....

To refine down exactly where the new 091 Labs building is, you can find them in

6 Commerce House,
Flood Street,

View Larger Map

More 24 hour comics day advice, this time from Rob Ryan who is coming to join us on the night as well as having made it through one before -

"I drank six litres of diet cola during my 24 hour comic experience. Not sure if that is advice or a cautionary tale though."

Leigh Ashmore says -

"Sleep beforehand"

I want to add to mine as well -

"White out. Bring white out - liquid paper or white paint. You're going to mess up with ink at 10 AM, guaranteed"

There will probably be a Google+ hangout running for the 24 hours if anyone wants to come check in on us/catch us yawning!

Don't forget you can pop in at any time just to offer us encouragement/sweets! If you want to come in and chat for a bit, maybe draw a little yourself? We'll be there!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

24 hour comic day still dead ahead!

We're still getting ready for this weekend - 24 hour comics day! The venue is 091 Labs for the day/night/day in their new premises, just near Cactus Jacks here in Galway -

View Larger Map

Here's a few thoughts for those considering the endurance run:

Advice from me! -

"Make sure to bring pencils, rulers, your favourite inking tools (ink, brush, pen, markers etc - and make sure you have plenty of them - if that marker runs dry at midnight, you're stuck!), erasers and sharpening tools. I'ld also recommend to bring a convenient size of drawing board, a t-square and easy to remove tape or drawing board clips. Think ahead about what you want to letter your pages with and make sure to have that on you too. I'ld recommend smooth surface paper with a fair bit of weight to it - I'm bringing Daler-Rowney 220gsm smooth surface cartridge - it lets you rub out plenty and spread the ink around easily. The guys in the labs have a bathroom, tuck shop and so forth, but don't subsist on junk! Bring a meal or two, or money to get em and drink plenty of water! We'll all be chugging coffee for the whole night, but that stuff'll kill you if you go too far. See you all there."

Advice from James Newell of meanwhile.tv for the night ahead -

"I think pencils, paper toppers or knife, markers, brushes, ink, ruler,music and earphones, worm clothing if it is a cold night and heating is not on, you will never know, I was thinking of bring a box of books and comics that I want rid of if people want to take some and I will take what is left home again"

Keep your eyes peeled and let us know through the comments on this blog or over on the Facebook page if you have any questions or comments. Once I get around to the promo piece, our new friends over on Creative Carousel will be updating the world about the night. Go check them out!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Looking forward to 24 hour comics day! Or delirious at the thought, whatever....

Guys, don't forget that this weekend is 24 hour comics day and our run at the endurance test for the mind, eye and drawing hand/arm. Our friends in 091 Labs have moved venue to their new Flood Street/Merchants Road address, so we're running the event there!

If you need directions/clarifications or have any questions or comments, leave a comment, go over to the Facebook Event Page and get in touch there, or email me - donalfall at gmail.com - and we'll get you there. Other than that, turn up at 12 noon on Saturday the 20th and try your best to stay awake and drawing for our 24-hour odyssey of the mind. Please bring plenty of caffeine for me, and whatever you're having yourself.

Galway Pub Scrawl #72 - Sketch Swoppin' Around.

Weather was miserable tonight in Galway, so attendance was low, but we had fun. :) I'll just give you some pictures and keep the waffling to a minimum.

Nico drew ships, which he moved over to his tablet - I'll get the digital version later. :)

I drew this Mech-Mechanic.

Patrick drew "The Claddagh Ring".

Jay drew this Goblin.

And Yolande was knitting this mysterious object!

And that was it for another Pub Scrawl! Be sure to meet us back in two weeks again.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Admin Monday 08th OCT 2012

Another round of links and gossip from your friendly Pub Scrawl!

We have acquired the domain name galwaypubscrawl.com so it's even easier to point your friends here. This is a good example of how I'm lazy, but I get there eventually. It'll be working over time, there's always a few bugs to work out, but it should be active very soon.

Sketchtoberfest has begun! See this page for details, and respond to sign up. Obviously, preliminary people are already scrawling through their topics, but there may be a "Round Two" for late comers.

We're almost at the point of having Clanthology #1 ready for printing. Here's James' mock up of the cover to Issue #1! Keep an eye peeled - more announcements to follow.

Speaking of comics, we're running a 24 hour comic day event on October 20th with our friends from 091 Labs. Check our post here for more details.

Regular Scrawler Jay Penn is selling prints of his cover for Loviatar #9. Get in touch with him through his blog to order them!

These look amazing and are a very reasonable price. Don't forget to browse Jay's other stuff on his blog.

Also, new Scrawler Brian Patrick Fogerty made a new friend, our President.

Last minute update! Mary has a new design on Qwertee - go vote for her to get printed!

And now, some links:

Today's Inspiration - one of my favourite blogs - is involved in the launch of a BEAUTIFUL new magazine. You can find out about it here.

Dave Palumbo shared a process animated gif for one of his most recent works, "Fed", which was just outstanding.

Eva was quizzed about Drink and Draw Cork on the radio. You can hear the segment on their blog.

Howard Lyon did a blog post on Harmonious Colour that has to be read.

Loish.net has had an update. Beautiful work, wonderfully coloured.

I've often pointed at Dan Dos Santos' website. But are you aware of the "extras" tab? There are some awesome downloads and tutorials there - well worth looking at.

There are some amazing pictures over at Diary of Inhuman Species!

Unbored had these 10 drawing tips from Gary Panter.

Iggy pointed us at the story about the hunt for the remains of Mona Lisa.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

24 hour comics day! - 091 Labs OCT 20th 2012

Some may call me mad...

In association with 091 Labs and NUI,G ComicSoc, we’re going to try a run at the 24 Hour Comics Day! The aim of the game is to create a 24-page comic from noon October 20th to noon on the 21st. If you want to give it a go, want to doodle a few pages, laugh at the people who would try anything this crazy, or just come and talk comics and graphic novels for a few hours before going home to a nice bed, this is the event for you.

You’ll need to bring your own materials and a lot of fortitude!

This is an international event that runs every year in October. For more information on the core concept, see http://www.24hourcomicsday.com/

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Galway Pub Scrawl #71 - Sketchtoberfest begins!

Another fun night in the Pub Scrawl you guys! We were a little crowded in tonight, but we didn't mind that so much. Myself, Anita and Geraldine went and colonised a high table for a little while and made an impromptu bold corner, but we rejoined the table as people came and left.

I declared the first round of Sketchtoberfest! If people still want to sign up, go to the page or the facebook group and let us know. If there's 5 or more sign ups in the next few days, I'll make a second ring of people. :)

Lots of fun, lots of new faces! Quite exciting. Here's your pictures!

As I said, we were packed a little tightly this evening. There's also a new TV just above our heads in our usual spot now (not pictured) that makes the space seem smaller somehow.

Nico was back to us again and drawing these lovely letterforms.

And word art must have been a bit of a theme, cos New Scrawler Brian did these two nice pieces -

Yolande was leading the craft circle again -

New Scrawler Geraldine was circular knitting -

I was doing drapery from reference pics.

And Anita was drawing Samurai.

Katie was knocking it out of the park in her small sketchbook...

... which was another theme, cos Ger also had a small sketchbook this week.

EDIT - Patrick was remote-scrawling in from Toronto!

And that's it for another night! Join us in two weeks back in McSwiggans for another night of art. Keep an eye on the blog next Monday as well for updates, news, etc from the crazy world of Pub Scrawl!