Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Galway Pub Scrawl #71 - Sketchtoberfest begins!

Another fun night in the Pub Scrawl you guys! We were a little crowded in tonight, but we didn't mind that so much. Myself, Anita and Geraldine went and colonised a high table for a little while and made an impromptu bold corner, but we rejoined the table as people came and left.

I declared the first round of Sketchtoberfest! If people still want to sign up, go to the page or the facebook group and let us know. If there's 5 or more sign ups in the next few days, I'll make a second ring of people. :)

Lots of fun, lots of new faces! Quite exciting. Here's your pictures!

As I said, we were packed a little tightly this evening. There's also a new TV just above our heads in our usual spot now (not pictured) that makes the space seem smaller somehow.

Nico was back to us again and drawing these lovely letterforms.

And word art must have been a bit of a theme, cos New Scrawler Brian did these two nice pieces -

Yolande was leading the craft circle again -

New Scrawler Geraldine was circular knitting -

I was doing drapery from reference pics.

And Anita was drawing Samurai.

Katie was knocking it out of the park in her small sketchbook...

... which was another theme, cos Ger also had a small sketchbook this week.

EDIT - Patrick was remote-scrawling in from Toronto!

And that's it for another night! Join us in two weeks back in McSwiggans for another night of art. Keep an eye on the blog next Monday as well for updates, news, etc from the crazy world of Pub Scrawl!

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