Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Admin Monday 24th SEPT 2012... Whaddya mean it's the 26th

Another round of announcements and links for the Galway Pub Scrawl! Sorry it's a bit late, it's been a crazy week.


We had an AMAZING time at our third birthday last Monday. Go back and check out the photos! There was Cake!

And our most recent partnership with 091 labs for Culture Night was last Friday. Check out those photos too!

We're fast approaching my plan for the next group-wide project - a little plan I like to think of as Sketchtoberfest! Check out the page for more details. :)

Linda pointed us in the direction of this interesting post by the Galway Continental Christmas Market... anyone have any ideas for us reaching out to them?

Also, everyone should go "like" Mykul's Sword Page on Facebook to help him beat someone else in the race of Likes. :)

New remote Scrawler, Joris Burla, filled the gap in our 31 Day Drawing Challenge - The Tarot - with this awesome pic of The Tower. Joris may be familiar to me from then again, we're not saying. :P


If I were a Millionaire, I'ld soon be penniless buying Golden Age Illustration paintings...

I really liked these Origami-based artworks by Marc Fichou.

These photos by Dominik Smialowski made a weirdly poignant story...

I'm probably going to plump money for this awesome book by Aly Fell as my Christmas present to myself.

Also, you just have a few more days to investigate Top Shelf Comix' amazing annual sale!

Chris Schweizer offers these print-out-and-play Dr. Who designs!

I thought these photos of decay and fungi on the Jungle floor were beautiful.

We saw pictures of Pirates for Talk like a Pirate Day.

I found a fun Comics Jam tool on the internet.

And that was that! Make sure to tune in Monday for Galway Pub Scrawl #71 - Sketchtoberfest Begins!

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