Monday, January 27, 2014

Admin Monday 27 JAN 2014

First admin Monday update of 2014! So much good stuff has been discussed in our Facebook group! Come join us there for the best way to stay updated on what's going on and be up to speed with our events and what we're talking about.


Jay is still selling you Art.

Mary reminded us you can pick up a copy of Adobe Photoshop CS2 for free over on

And Patrick pointed out this Tumblr where you can find brushes for your copy of Photoshop.


Mary linked to a great drawing tutorial website - Drawspace

A great documentary on the landscape painter Jim McVicker -

Flooby Nooby is a great source of animation links - but he also goes exhaustively through animated movies (like the Incredibles) in a shot-by-shot breakdown of how shots are composed, how the eyelines are guided, everything.

These are amazing 3-d typography designs by Lex Wilson.

Patrick linked to this -

Is it the world's most produced action figure?

I LOVE these Moleskine doodles by Kerby Rosanes.

And these 360 degree books are mind blowingly beautiful (by Yusuke Oono).

There are some great character design resources over on Chris Oatley's website.

There was a peek at the Art on display at the Arcadia Contemporary Show on the Underpaintings blog.

Matt Kish has illustrated every page of "Heart of Darkness" - and they're very intense.

Douglas Flynt gave some good tips on brushwork and linked to downloads for Harold Speed books on his blog.

Brian from Drink and Draw Sligo came to visit us for the last Pub Scrawl and was extolling the virtues of the Round Tablet website.

And Nicolas Delort has a new website - beautiful work on display!

That's it! I feel like the year has started for real. Come join us next Monday, the 3rd of February, for our next Pub Scrawl - #104 Bad Advice is still a converation

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Jay Penn sells Art to your face!

The next "Admin Monday" post will pop up on the 27th, in case anyone was wondering (you probably weren't ;) ) but here's something you should go look at - Pub Scrawler Jay Penn is having a January Art Sale. Go have a little look-see, there's some really nice things to own, and cheap.

Also, friend of Pub Scrawl Daire Lynch is running contests on his Facebook Art Page for discounts, cheap Art, vouchers for portraits - you have to go check those out too! You can't lose out when you hang with the Pub Scrawl!

Make sure to come join us (or at least check back in) next week for Pub Scrawl #103 (holy moly) - Sometimes it's just a rocket. Sometimes it's porn.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Galway Pub Scrawl #102 - Stop making fun of my little Blue Smurf

Happy New Year Scrawl followers!!! We're back with a bang in the New Year and our great usual venue of McSwiggans' back room. :) Come join us in two Mondays time on the 20th!! Let's fill 2014 with Art.

Here we all are hanging around the back room, concentrating hard on our drawings -

Mo was getting surreal -

Joan did storyboards -

Anita -

Mary -

Katie -

Chuck -

Ger -

Patrick -

Linda and Yolande keep the craft corner going -

We were joined by James Newell -

Caspar -

Alanna -

Me! -

I'll fill in some more details later. Thanks everybody! join us in two Mondays time on the 20th for the next Galway Pub Scrawl!!!!!!!!!!!!