Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Jay Penn sells Art to your face!

The next "Admin Monday" post will pop up on the 27th, in case anyone was wondering (you probably weren't ;) ) but here's something you should go look at - Pub Scrawler Jay Penn is having a January Art Sale. Go have a little look-see, there's some really nice things to own, and cheap.

Also, friend of Pub Scrawl Daire Lynch is running contests on his Facebook Art Page for discounts, cheap Art, vouchers for portraits - you have to go check those out too! You can't lose out when you hang with the Pub Scrawl!

Make sure to come join us (or at least check back in) next week for Pub Scrawl #103 (holy moly) - Sometimes it's just a rocket. Sometimes it's porn.

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