Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Galway Pub Scrawl #87 - Is it the teeth that makes it creepy?

Another night of Art & fun in the pub! Before I go on to post photos (and apologise for my various failings on this one), Scrawler Linda McNamara is selling some Art goodies if anyone is interested, including -

A wacom intuos 4 (small) which is on ebay with a reserve of €80
Exotique 3 (Ballistic publishing) €10
D'artiste Digital Painting 2 (Ballistic publishing) €10
The Marvel Art of Marko Djurdjevic (Marvel) €10
There's possibly a copy of Painter 11 going for 20 €uropes if she can deregister the license key.
Also, a load of Imagine FX's (lots of subscriber copies), have CD's for most of them. €2 a pop.

Pop over to her blog or drop her a line ( linda dot d dot boonstra [at] gmail ) if you're in the neighbourhood and any of these strike your fancy.

Anyhow, on to the Art! Our theme for the evening was "Skytrain" because Yolande and Patrick were dementedly going on about it. Here's your photos -

Here's our creative types, coming up with new Male appearance enhancement products (Balltox - patent pending)

Alan was drawing various animals

Jay was giving a sneak preview of a Wind in the Willows idea he has going on - they look awesome!

And Katie drew this sheep! All the wool detail almost did her wrist in, but she still had strength do draw a...


SKYTRAIN! (Dermo version)

SKYTRAIN! (Mary version)

SKYTRAIN! (Aoife's version!)

SKYTRAIN! (My version)

SKYTRAIN! (Patrick version)

That's it for Balltox (patent pending) and SKYTRAINs! Join us next week on the blog for another round of updates and links and in two weeks time in McSwiggans for another epic Galway Pub Scrawl #88 - Already one cultural reference behind!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Admin Monday 20th MAY 2013

A round of links & updates from your friendly neighbourhood Pub Scrawl! As always, you can find where we discuss these links and other such stuff on the Galway Pub Scrawl Facebook Page!


Helen is helping to run the Galway Fringe Festival pop-up shop. In her words:

"Galway Fringe festival is doing an art pop-up shop for the Visual Art sector of the festival. Every artist will be given a stall in the Factory, in the upstairs open air garden, and there's a selling limit of 50 euro per item. I figure that's a great way for artists to produce lots of work and sell them cheaply, and it's a selling strategy that would really suit sketchers NUDGE. It will take place for a weekend during the Galway Arts Festival. As of yet undetermined."

We'll have more details as time approaches. :)

Ciaran wants you to like his page on Facebook - his venture, CreoDrone, will do 3-D printing for you at a low cost. Contact him if you need some 3-D printing done in the Galway area (or anywhere, I'm sure).

Also, Irene wants you to like her crochet page, Owls and Rainbows.


Patrick was messing about with Sculptris... it seems quite cool -

There was a cool competition to win a DIY Print Shop that lets you screenprint at home. But the competition was only open to America... aw boo. But if the idea of a DIY Screen Print kit floats your boat, here's the link.

There was a great quotation going around about the top end of the contemporary Art market -

"The circle of collectors and dealers is so small and so awash in cash that the process can seem to an outsider a bit like a rigged game, in which a bad deal can be considerably more valuable than a good one. If you buy a giant balloon toy for $30 million, you may have spent a few million more than you had to or even expected to; but you’ve set the value of that work and also elevated the value of all of the balloon toys in your collection. Which is especially good, since there aren’t very many people who can afford to spend $30 million on a giant balloon toy, and those who can tend to take pleasure in cornering a market."

Very enlightening!

There's even more cool videos up on Draw Mix Paint - go check it out!

Kevin Earl Taylor mixes Realism, Surrealism and Animals in these cool paintings....

Eva posted a nice time lapse tutorial over on Islander Art -

That's a lot of linkage, but it's a good reminder to keep an eye on Islander Art first and foremost!

Frieze New York 2013 was on the last few weeks. "Contemporary" Art isn't normally a focus for Pub Scrawl, but some stuff was good this year. You can check out some here, here and here and elsewhere on the net...

And Robert Longo is still working - which I like a lot.

That's it, that's all you guys. Come back next week for Galway Pub Scrawl #87 - Is it the teeth that that makes it creepy?

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Galway Pub Scrawl #86 - You never know which one will go viral...

WOW! That was a busy Pub Scrawl! Loads of fun had by all. :) I have work in the morning, so I'll just post this Art here and I'll update the page tomorrow when I have a chance. Great sketches this week, AND some new Pub Scrawlers! Exciting times.

See these - packed tables! That's what we like to see.

A lot of us were tackling the Teenage Mutant Hero/Ninja Turtles because it's this week's theme on Irish Sketch Society -

Brian Naughton:


Katie Creaven:

Patrick Gavin:

Dermot Canniffe (twice!)


Mary Lillis:

And some were content to just work away on their own themes, like George -

Helen was working on logos

Ger's guy had less armour than usual. :)

Jay was painting - keep an eye on his blog this weekend for the final version.

And new sketchers! Awesome. :)

What a great night! Thanks to all the Scawlers! Come on back next week for another round of links & updates and in two weeks for more Art from Galway Pub Scrawl #87 - Is it the teeth that makes it creepy?

Monday, May 6, 2013

Admin Monday 06th MAY 2013


Our friends over at the Irish Sketch Society are still running their weekly sketch challenges! Mary was encouraging us to join in two weeks ago, we dabbled in the last one at last week's Pub Scrawl, and you should go over there now and join in the fun.

Jay is working for a project you can support on Kickstarter - Adventures Dark & Deep!

Alanna linked to a job opportunity if you know anything about UI Web Development.

Yolande pointed out that the Galway Theatre Festival is looking for a Festival Image 2013.

Also, there is a new event starting in Dublin - Laydeez Do Comics - Maura McHugh is going and wants any other Galwegians or others interested to come check it out.


There was a great post on Muddy Colors from Adam Rex about how he makes picture books that Mary linked to.

I was blown away by these short painting videos from Marc Dalessio.

The final images for Microvisions 2013 went up! Very cool.

Printeresting ran a cool photo essay on hand-printed posters.

Elliot Alfredius designs characters straight out of a Studio Ghibli film! They're awesome.

Mary was impressed by this:

and so were the rest of us! It's all in support of the Breast Cancer Foundation.

That's it for our round-up of links and updates! Check back in a week for the photos from our next Pub Scrawl - #86 - You never know which one is going to go viral.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Intermission - shilling for Mary & Jay! :)

There's just an hour left to buy Mary's tee over on TeeVolt -

You might want to jump on over there and buy one of them!

Also, Jay is working for a project you can support on Kickstarter - Adventures Dark & Deep!