Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Admin Monday (2 days late!) - End of Year wrap-up 2013

That's it for Galway Pub Scrawl until 2014! Come join us at McSwiggans on the 6th of January for our next Pub Scrawl. There's going to be a lot more going on next year, so keep an eye on the site here or on our Facebook page for more details.


Myself and Caspar went outdoors drawing again, this time looking at Menlo Castle. We're going to do more of this next year, so keep an eye on this map.

Google are building a Gallery software for Artists and Institutions to showcase their work with embedding tools for websites, everything. It looks really awesome and you can apply for it here.


If you're at all familiar with clients, especially from a design point of view, you really have to check out for some very funny expressions of the frustrations of the client/designer life.

A guy in Texas is reverse-engineering a Camera Obscura to see if it's possible that Vermeer did work that way.

This poster is awesome - would you work on a project for the better part of a decade?

JeeYoung Lee makes these amazing fantasy scapes in her room -

Patrick shared this awesome Tumblr, Love the Kok so I immediately shared this Tumblr, by Bengal (trying to one-up each other).

Mary seemed to want to shock us - linking to articles about Vaginal Knitting

The Illustrator Sheilah Beckett passed away at the age of 100, still using her tablet and painting away on Photoshop. An inspiration to us all.

The Dr. Sketchy's crew had a video made! It's very cool.

DR SKETCHY'S DUBLIN: in the Nutcracker from mcgarry on Vimeo.

Robin Chyo has started a "process" section on his website. It gives a nice insight into how he approaches his work.

Here's a cool collection of Anime flipbooks -

You have to check out Jeff Victor's "Sharkham Asylum" project.

The British Library put up 1,000,000 images into the public domain for free use by anyone who wants to mess with them!

And Ger pointed us towards this guy, who draws himself and his cat in the style of different cartoonists.

You can grab Photoshop CS2 for free at the moment, so swing on over to Adobe.

Thanks everyone for a great 2013! Remember to join us January for the next Pub Scrawl #102 - Stop making fun of my little blue Smurf!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Galway Pub Scrawl #101 - Dermo's Rap (warning: may not contain any trace of an actual Dermo)

Dead on my feet after work because Pub Scrawl was such exhausting fun in McSwiggans last night! :)

A small but dedicated crowd gathered!

A theme seemed almost to emerge - faces? Chuck did this one -

Ger did all these ones -

Caspar did this one - it's a bit tilted in the photo (soz)

Patrick saw multi-eyed tiger faces in the carpet (no more drugs for that man)

I invented a face from whole cloth that started bad but recovered towards the end.

Katie did this -

And Mary was colouring in her advent calendar she shared the link of last week. ;)

And Jay gave us a glimpse at an illustration he's been working on!

Come join us again in JANUARY on the 6th for our next Pub Scrawl #102 - Stop making fun of my little blue Smurf!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Admin Monday 02 DEC 2012 - Actually on a monday!

Actually got a post up on a Monday! (Yes, I was off work today ;) ) Get ready for a lot of links and not so many updates!


Myself and Caspar went out into the cold and drew some of the scenery of Galway - we're going to do it again as it was a blast. We were here:

Keep an eye on the Facebook page for our plans to go draw more of old Galway Town. ;)


Have you always wanted to see skeletal creatures carved into everyday objects?

Crunchyroll had a preview of Miyazaki's "retirement Manga" - it seems to be full of Samurai.

In fairness, if I was painting a Royal Family, I would probably try and make it even creepier...

Nicolas Delort published this short video of his working process -

Helen pointed us to this list of Holiday gift books on io9 - Some nice Art books in here...

Brian recommended Sylvia Spain's facebook Art page - very nice oil & glass painting.

Jon Schindette asks "Are you committing one of the 7 deadly sins of Illustration?"

I really like these paintings Vanessa Lemen has been doing over a reproduction of the Book of Kells:

Linda linked us to Evan Robertson's posters that turn literary quotes into graphical Artworks - beautiful designs:

Put some clothes on, Classical Sculpture, and look really on trend.

Try this colour-in Advent Calendar! Mary pointed it out to us, it's super cute.

And Patrick pointed us toward these animal sculptures - some of them are amazing...

That's it for another Admin Monday! Come join us Monday the 9th for Pub Scrawl #101 - Dermo's Rap!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Galway Pub Scrawl #100 - Epic Pyjama Party!

I've gotten really bad at saying "Oh hey, here's the photos, I'll update all the details tomorrow and so forth" and then not doing the update cos of work and time and not being bothered. But you're probably only here for the pictures anyway, right?

Anyway, I have work again tomorrow, so here's the photos -

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Admin Monday-ish 19 NOV 2013

We're nearly at 100 Pub Scrawls! Our big number 100 is next week in McSwiggans, so make sure to come join us then!


So this evening, within an hour of posting, the Irish leg of the Sky Arts portrait Artist of the Year is on, featuring our friends in Dr. Sketchy's. Make sure to check it out at 8.


The Munich Art Hoard thing has been fascinating to me.

Patrick pointed us towards these amazing wire wrapped sculptures on This Is Colossal.

He also reminded us of the awesome "Masters of Anatomy" book that is being Kickstarted for the next 20-odd hours.

The Elegant Gentleman's Guide to Knifefighting has these funny animations of classic paintings -

Donato had a major exhibition of his works - sadly in Alabama, so tricky to get to - "From Middle-Earth to Space & Beyond"

"Friday Illustrated" is a great idea for a blog, and featured an interview with Eva!

Daire linked to the always-handy gesture drawing animation.

Jason Chan updated his blog with his most recent book covers and illustrations.

Leif Peng ran an amazing series on Ben Denison over on Today's Inspiration.

What would Superheroes do for a part time job?

"Painting Stuff to look like Stuff" is experimenting with a new tag "The Best Worst advice of my Art career".

Everyone make sure to come to our 100th Pub Scrawl next week! There may even be cake!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Galway Pub Scrawl #99 - When the love affairs with Pumpkins ends

Another night of laughing and Art at your friendly local Pub Scrawl! We has an absolute BLAST this time around (and can you credit that we've done somewhere in the neighbourhood of 100 of these?)

Here's your pics -

Tune back in in two weeks for our "official" number #100 - Epic Pyjama Party! I reckon we've gone past 100 a while ago, but we were cautious when we started numbering in the 30's. :) We'll probably have cake! Come join us in McSwiggans!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Admin Monday (or Tuesday) the 04th NOV 2013

Another round of updates and links from your friendly local Pub Scrawl!


Daire Lynch is running a Life Drawing class on Mondays (oh oh) for the next few weeks.

I'm not sure if he has spaces left or not, but you can contact him to check it out.

I missed a chance to participate this year, but Self-Portrait Day was outstanding as always.


I liked these blendings of Star Wars characters and Fine Art paintings.

Marco Battaglini combines pop culture, graffiti and tattoos to make these cool pictures -

PaddyD. blew my mind with this link - images of birds clipped from real feathers!

Javier Perez combines little sketches and everyday objects on his Instagram to make awesome little pieces of Art.

This is a cool blog - one that asks different cartoonists for "10 rules on drawing comics". My favourite were Johnny Ryan's - although he may not have been taking it seriously.

I didn't have much Halloween time this year, but I did like Matt Dixon's usual Halloween Lady Line-Up.

That's it that's all - come join us next Monday for our next Galway Pub Scrawl - #99 When the love affair with Pumpkins fades.