Monday, December 2, 2013

Admin Monday 02 DEC 2012 - Actually on a monday!

Actually got a post up on a Monday! (Yes, I was off work today ;) ) Get ready for a lot of links and not so many updates!


Myself and Caspar went out into the cold and drew some of the scenery of Galway - we're going to do it again as it was a blast. We were here:

Keep an eye on the Facebook page for our plans to go draw more of old Galway Town. ;)


Have you always wanted to see skeletal creatures carved into everyday objects?

Crunchyroll had a preview of Miyazaki's "retirement Manga" - it seems to be full of Samurai.

In fairness, if I was painting a Royal Family, I would probably try and make it even creepier...

Nicolas Delort published this short video of his working process -

Helen pointed us to this list of Holiday gift books on io9 - Some nice Art books in here...

Brian recommended Sylvia Spain's facebook Art page - very nice oil & glass painting.

Jon Schindette asks "Are you committing one of the 7 deadly sins of Illustration?"

I really like these paintings Vanessa Lemen has been doing over a reproduction of the Book of Kells:

Linda linked us to Evan Robertson's posters that turn literary quotes into graphical Artworks - beautiful designs:

Put some clothes on, Classical Sculpture, and look really on trend.

Try this colour-in Advent Calendar! Mary pointed it out to us, it's super cute.

And Patrick pointed us toward these animal sculptures - some of them are amazing...

That's it for another Admin Monday! Come join us Monday the 9th for Pub Scrawl #101 - Dermo's Rap!

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