Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Galway Pub Scrawl #101 - Dermo's Rap (warning: may not contain any trace of an actual Dermo)

Dead on my feet after work because Pub Scrawl was such exhausting fun in McSwiggans last night! :)

A small but dedicated crowd gathered!

A theme seemed almost to emerge - faces? Chuck did this one -

Ger did all these ones -

Caspar did this one - it's a bit tilted in the photo (soz)

Patrick saw multi-eyed tiger faces in the carpet (no more drugs for that man)

I invented a face from whole cloth that started bad but recovered towards the end.

Katie did this -

And Mary was colouring in her advent calendar she shared the link of last week. ;)

And Jay gave us a glimpse at an illustration he's been working on!

Come join us again in JANUARY on the 6th for our next Pub Scrawl #102 - Stop making fun of my little blue Smurf!

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