Monday, September 10, 2012

Admin Monday 10th SEPT 2012

Another round of announcements and links for the Galway Pub Scrawl!


We've been asked to exhibit all along one wall in 091 Labs as part of Culture Night on Friday week, the 21st of September! More here and here.

Our 3rd Birthday party is coming NEXT MONDAY!!!! the 17th of September and we'ld love to see you there. :) We're going to try having a Google+ Hangout as well from our Google+ page. There will also be cake. And probably balloons.

Sub City pointed us in the direction of a contest at Top Cow Comics looking for writers and artists!?!


Now this is a realism challenge!

If you struggle with charcoals, Sergio Lopez has some tips for you.

Drawn blog featured a post from frenden on a technical issue about pressure sensitivity in Photoshop.

Underpaintings reminded us (in case there was any doubt) that Art is hard, but worth persevering at.

And Drawn dug up some great rules for Art Students, Teachers & Life...

Kali Ciesemier takes an exercise from Loomis and makes something amazing out of it.

Julian Totino Tedesco's page on Facebook is outstanding - like it for great updates!

Underpaintings ran a great post on the At The Edge Fantasy Art Exhibition.

Did you ever wonder how you can draw Dinosaurs for a living?

James Gurney put up a great post on Preston Blair and the line of action in Animation.

And our friends at Islander Art are launching a magazine! More details here.

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