Wednesday, October 17, 2012

24 hour comic day still dead ahead!

We're still getting ready for this weekend - 24 hour comics day! The venue is 091 Labs for the day/night/day in their new premises, just near Cactus Jacks here in Galway -

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Here's a few thoughts for those considering the endurance run:

Advice from me! -

"Make sure to bring pencils, rulers, your favourite inking tools (ink, brush, pen, markers etc - and make sure you have plenty of them - if that marker runs dry at midnight, you're stuck!), erasers and sharpening tools. I'ld also recommend to bring a convenient size of drawing board, a t-square and easy to remove tape or drawing board clips. Think ahead about what you want to letter your pages with and make sure to have that on you too. I'ld recommend smooth surface paper with a fair bit of weight to it - I'm bringing Daler-Rowney 220gsm smooth surface cartridge - it lets you rub out plenty and spread the ink around easily. The guys in the labs have a bathroom, tuck shop and so forth, but don't subsist on junk! Bring a meal or two, or money to get em and drink plenty of water! We'll all be chugging coffee for the whole night, but that stuff'll kill you if you go too far. See you all there."

Advice from James Newell of for the night ahead -

"I think pencils, paper toppers or knife, markers, brushes, ink, ruler,music and earphones, worm clothing if it is a cold night and heating is not on, you will never know, I was thinking of bring a box of books and comics that I want rid of if people want to take some and I will take what is left home again"

Keep your eyes peeled and let us know through the comments on this blog or over on the Facebook page if you have any questions or comments. Once I get around to the promo piece, our new friends over on Creative Carousel will be updating the world about the night. Go check them out!

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