Friday, October 19, 2012

More advice from 24 hour comic day survivors....

To refine down exactly where the new 091 Labs building is, you can find them in

6 Commerce House,
Flood Street,

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More 24 hour comics day advice, this time from Rob Ryan who is coming to join us on the night as well as having made it through one before -

"I drank six litres of diet cola during my 24 hour comic experience. Not sure if that is advice or a cautionary tale though."

Leigh Ashmore says -

"Sleep beforehand"

I want to add to mine as well -

"White out. Bring white out - liquid paper or white paint. You're going to mess up with ink at 10 AM, guaranteed"

There will probably be a Google+ hangout running for the 24 hours if anyone wants to come check in on us/catch us yawning!

Don't forget you can pop in at any time just to offer us encouragement/sweets! If you want to come in and chat for a bit, maybe draw a little yourself? We'll be there!

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