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Admin Monday 10th MAR 2014

Woops, forgot to do the last one of these, so here's a bumper crop of links and updates:

Updates -

We had our first Dr. Sketchy's Galway yesterday in Monroe's Live - great session, great venue. Keep an eye out for the next one in April! It was very exciting, very rewarding drawing. Huge thanks to Scarlett and her crew for all their hard work. Lots of Pub Scrawlers won doughnuts and tequila for their sketches, so we were well-represented.

James Newell and Ronan Coyle have started a new fortnightly drawing challenge, Lead Wednesday. Check out the site and contact them to get involved.

Links -

There was a good tutorial on form & perspective over on autodestruct:digital

Patrick linked to a cool Human Anatomy app on Google Play, MARA3D. You can look at different levels of musculature, etc, all on your smart phone or tablet. Very handy.

Cynthia Sheppard put up a very touching blog post about using her Art to help get through her divorce.

Helen reminded us that Schoolism is running great online courses.

Not a huge amount of content, but an interesting look at the History of the Nude in Art over on The Guardian. From there you'll find tons more links about Art on The Guardian website, worth checking out.

Muddy Colors posted the amazing winners of their Rising Stars annual contest. The winners (and the runners-up) are stars indeed.

On the Urban Sketchers' blog there was a lovely illustrated tutorial on how to care for fountain pens.

Niall linked to Kerby Rosane's webpage. I had linked to some of Kerby's work before, but couldn't find his actual webpage - great find.

Helen linked to the Facebook page "SculpLovers" - especially this tutorial pic on blocking out forms:

Scott Robertson talks through Darren Quach's sketchbook with him - it's a thing of mechanical beauty.

Conor linked us to this cool blog by a guy who designs and re-designs art for film - it's very interesting and full of thought processes-talk -

If you sign up at the "Masters Secrets Summit" you get emailed links for great interview videos every couple of days? It's free to sign up, and the one I got a chance to watch by Matt Fussell was very informative.

It doesn't seem likely that the Camera Obscura Doc "Tim's Vermeer" will be coming to Galway - here's another lady who built her own one if you want to read more on the subject. Stephanie also linked to pictures of one that was set up in Camden Palace in Cork last summer - very cool.

The nominees for the Spectrum 21 awards are up on John Flesk's blog and they are FANTASTIC.

That's it, that's all - the next regular Pub Scrawl would fall on St. Patrick's day, which is NOT a day to expect to get to concentrate on drawing or craft-making in the pub, so we'll skip. Come join us in the back room of McSwiggan's for Galway Pub Scrawl #107 - Once you go blackberry, you'll never go back... berry.

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