Monday, March 17, 2014

17 MAR 2014 - On hiatus 'til the 31st!

Just in case anyone is looking for us, we're not meeting today (the 17th) as it is St. Patrick's day and our friendly local bar staff will be overworked enough down in McSwiggans without having to look after us as well. We'll return on the 31st for our next Pub Scrawl meet-up, so if you want to drink and draw around Galway, that's where and when you'll find us.

If you want to make contact with like-minded souls, come join the conversation on our Facebook group or follow us on twitter - all welcome!

There is a Urban Sketchers Galway group starting, so if you want to draw the outside world, you can find us hanging around NUI, Galway this Sunday (the 23rd) in the afternoon. for Drawing Galway 001. Keep an eye on the all-new blog for events and photos of our sketch adventures!

And don't forget that we are spoiled for access to Art - Dr. Sketchy's Galway will be having their next event on the 5th in Kelly's! Buy your tickets as soon as they become available!

Draw your hearts out, and come join us on the 31st in McSwiggans!

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