Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Galway Pub Scrawl #75 - Epic Galway Lab Scrawl!

We had a load of fun in 091 Labs for our Epic Galway Lab Scrawl! We almost had a disaster when both Patrick and Jay texted to say they couldn't come. We were on the verge of cancelling, but we struggled ahead somehow.

:D In their minds!

Here's everyone having a great time in the main space of the Labs -

Brian and I were sympatico this evening - Giant Robots!

Oisin was drawing a lot of shoes:

Mary has an awesome bag o'markers.

Katie didn't like that this photo had her in it, so....

... I obviously took one with just her art in it. :D

Yolande crocheted away.

Chucky was drawing more elaborate pieces than usual. I liked them, although he has elaborate back stories I can't repeat here.

Ger brought a full set up!

And Ciara gave us this creepy/coy clown.

And a peril of being in the Labs is that random members wander about licking nerf guns. Joey took on the role this time.

We'll be back in McSwiggans for Galway Pub Scrawl #76! Make sure to come hang with us then. :)


  1. when are you going to meet again? This monday? will it be in mc swiggans?
    Could you enable access to your FB page also to those who do not have a FB account (like me, cause right now I can't access)

    Thanks a lot in advance ;)
    myr - iammyr at email.com

  2. Hello! Yes, next Monday the 10th in McSwiggans. Normally I update the top right box just under the banner with the next date, I obviously forgot! :)

    Our Facebook Page is ticked as a "Public Group" - I'll look into getting it more visible.

  3. thanks a million! I had later noticed the link to the new event at the bottom of this post https://www.facebook.com/events/530807636947465/ which is visible, just the group itself is not.

    thanks again, see you there ;)

  4. Looking forward to it! I dunno why our group can't be viewed, it's a public group. Facebook jiggery-pokery.

  5. Oh, here we go - I don't know if this is the fix, but apparently Facebook were looking for me to "set an address" for the group page URL. Try this one - https://www.facebook.com/groups/galwaypubscrawl/

  6. eheh still not visible: I'm asked to login on fb, but as long as this website exists, i guess it's fine ;)
    unfortunately i couldn't attend this meeting...i'll check the next date as i'll get back to galway. but thanks a million ;) and have a wonderful new year!

  7. Not to worry (bloody facebook). This website will be here as long as we are! Our next meet up is tomorrow at 8:30 PM. Hope to see you there.

  8. Awesome stuff. Good to see that many people were interesting in attending the lab because now a days people are more busy with stuff which wastes there time. Good job guys.