Tuesday, November 16, 2010

ImagineFX in your face!!!!!!!!

Last night's last-minute post may have been slightly premature! I should have held on for the morning to post that we've been featured in ImagineFX! Yeah! Huge thanks again to Beren on staff and Linda Boonstra from the 'Scrawl for organising this. Here's our half-page:

and again, I would have procrastinated forever about setting up a Pub Group if it hadn't been for Eva setting up the Drink & Draw Cork and showing how it's done. Also, they were featured last month in ImagineFX! Go the domination of the Irish groups! Also, run over to Eva's professional facebook page and like the hell out of it! You will when you see her stuff.

Thanks to all involved, and roll on another year of the Pub Scrawl!


  1. Hi all, saw you're piece in ImagineFX and very inpressed. We set-up a Dingle Drink & Draw after seeing the Cork piece in same mag. Great to know there are others out there like us (we are not alone). If you're ever in Dingle on a Tueday call into MacCarthy's bar around 8pm, we'd be delighted to welcome you! We don't have a group website yet but will do soon, here's my url to give you an idea of the stuff we produce at these meetings, www.robotbash.com.

  2. Holy moly, a comment! You're never alone! Kudos to sketchgrouping in Dingle. I haven't been there in.... 9 years or so, but if I wander your way I'll be there. And link in return, I'll be sticking yours into our sidebar & pimping support for you up and down the internets.

  3. Haha! I'm the same when I get a comment, a rare and welcome event. Will be on facebook too soon so will connect with you guys there. Keep on scrawlling and if we're in Galway we'll drop by for a sketch.

  4. Awesome. FB is the easiest way to stay in touch, hit us up there.