Monday, May 2, 2011

New post monday! Lest I forget....

There's always a danger I'll forget to do these. I've been trying to figure out a date for a sketchcrawl across galway. Some saturday afternoon, very shortly, keep an eye peeled! We'll do a route something like this - route-ah.

I haven't been keeping myself organised enough to have a set of links ready to hand to distribute for your entertainment, so let's see what I can push together at the last minute.

Sergio Lopez has a set of images up which I think are some of his most stunning yet. Full disclosure - I bought one of his original sketches in an eBay auction once, so I may count as biased, but I think his art is fantastic.

I started a Tumblr account recently. Anyone who Pub Scrawls or is part of our affiliated sister groups should hit me up there! I'll link in anyone else who lets me know how to find their Tumblr. Browsing around, I found this, which is just awesome. Particularly seeing as I love PITT pens, as any Pub Scrawler will know.

I *love* group blogs, so I was instantly enamoured with Bristol Whip, which showcases amazing art on great themes. We also love themes at the Galway Pub Scrawl. :D

If you like themes, and you like Star Wars, you could do worse than run over to the 11 o'clock comics forums and join in the Monthly EOC Sketchbook Challenge. There's a call for your favourite Star Wars Character in the form of an Illustration.

If you like comic book storytelling, Sydney Padua has posted the funniest version of how to influence character dynamics I've seen in a long time. It reminds me somewhat of what Aaron Diaz does on his blog.

Not bad for a thrown together post!

Ciao til next time. The next Pub Scrawl is on the 16th of May. We're looking forward to seeing you there. I'm thinking a good day for the Sketchcrawl would be Saturday the 14th, but that depends on numerous factors. Stay tuned!

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