Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Admin Monday 9th April 2012

This fortnight -

We heard from Drink and Draw Colombia. The phenomenon is everywhere.

We searched for the famous paintings all over WikiPaintings.org.

The Great God Pan is Dead blog highlighted Art about Books.

My mind was blown by the embroidered portraits of Daniel Kornrumpf.

We visited Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School in Dublin!

We saw Vampires being BASHED!

Martine Emdur paints underwater point of view paintings!

Allen Williams put up a spectacular piece on Gorilla Artfare that took my breath away.

He ran out of friend slots on facebook, but you should really subscribe to Serge Birault's updates if you're on there.

Painter David Gray put up this video of a day in his life -

If you need fonts, you'll find amazing free ones here!

And the guys on the What Not Blog are doing a week of focussing on authors and stories - my favourite was this one by Sean Phillips!

My Tumblr recommendation of the week - http://yanamoskaluk.com/.

If Tolkien is your thing, Justin Gerard has some illustrations (and a gallery exhibition) for you.

But if Akira is more your thing, there's an exhibition of Otomo's work on as well.

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