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Another round of links and updates from the Galway Pub Scrawl:


Brian Naughton is involved in a group that is trying to get some funding for a comic anthology project. Throw them some money on Kickstarter? Just a few days left on this one you guys!

You can join Rail Girls Galway to learn how to develop web applications. Well, you can if you are female at least! (as far as I understand things) Jump over to their website to apply for their free workshops before the 30th of April.

Dermo showed us this cool deal website - now normally, who cares about deal websites, but a few days ago you could buy a Wacom Inkling for 40% off! Great deal, we'll try and keep an eye out and update y'all if anything like that comes up again.

Yolande gave any who would be interested in working in Kilkenny a heads-up that a community Arts project is looking for a Development Worker.

AND Yolande gave this handy link for any looking for funding for Visual Arts programs/degrees...

Patrick Canney wants you to have a look at his new website.


I wish I was so set up that I could have a painting hanging apparatus like Dave Cooper:

Stephanie pointed out that one of the cool guys who were one of the stall holders at WARPCon (convoluted sentence) is an entrant into the BioShock Art Contest. Voting is over by now, but the entries are pretty cool. Check them out!

Patrick was impressed by the art for this RPG book - we were too!

Oisin made us a fan of Irene Gallo's new post full of Dinosaur Art over on

Chuck pointed us toward the Art of Riccardo Guasco , who made this awesome image illustrating "Milan" for a series of City Cycling guides.

And I thought these lush paintings by Liepke highlighted on the Underpaintings Blog were the best -

Daire asked "Who likes colouring?" :)

And most of the Internet were talking about this -

Life Drawing as stop motion animation -

Life Drawing at The Book Club from Wriggles & Robins on Vimeo.

- super fun idea.

Here's a handy photoshop tip that Patrick dragged up.

Greg Manchess (one of my favourites) has 10 words for approaching your career in Art!

Underpaintings is doing a straw poll to see who should win the Portrait Society of America International Portrait Competition - some beautiful pieces in the finalists.

That's it for another week! Although holy hell it was a busy week of links, eh? Hopefully it all comes together. Come back next week for photos from our next Galway Pub Scrawl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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