Monday, October 27, 2014

24 Hour Comics Day OCT 2014

There's been a long lag time on my updates these last few months, for various reasons. But waiting this long to share our 24 hour comic day experience has been borderline unforgivable. So I waited this long, and now I can't find the photos from the night! I know they're here somewhere, but who knows where that is - typical "I'll just put these somewhere where I'll find them in the future" behaviour. ;)

So, looting my Instagram/Google+ back-up, here's a picture that must be from about 3AM (I say that cos Katie is in the picture, and her and Paddy turned up around then).

(l-r: A very tired Katie Creaven, Jay Penn, Ruth Campion & James Newell)

Now for the comics - I have pages on the way from myself and Ruth, I just need to PDF them for your entertainment. Here's James' and Jay's, I might get the few bits and pieces from Ger, Paddy and Katie soon:

James - "Suit Up" - FULL

Jay - The Circle - Page 001, Page 002

More soon! Keep an eye on this post or our twitter account for more. There'll be another update tonight from our next Pub Scrawl! #122 - inevitable Halloween reference.

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