Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Superman says NO!

So I forgot to do a non-Pub Scrawl Art related post last night, but that's the way the blog crumbles. Or something. :) Anyhoo, on the suggestion of, I think, Mary & Jenny, our theme this week was fake beer labels! I didn't know where this was going to go, or if it was going to go well, but the theme showed me. People warmed to it quickly and some great fake beer labels were produced!

Here's your pictures:

Gathering for the Scrawl -

Yolande knits -

Patrick's label/ad for Vodka Slamers (apparently Slammers is a tm) -

Mo's label, Dog's Bollocks Beer -

Jenny gets to work on....

Giant Cock Beer! -

Mary's awesome label for Bendy Beer -

Oisin's Odyssey Brew "It's full of Stars" -

Mine, ripping of Cerebus a little, Uncle Groucho's Bathtub Beer -

Iggy at work - I must have missed his final, my head was a little fuzzy this evening!


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