Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pub Scrawl 38! - Who in the what in the where in the Why?

So, another fortnight, another Pub Scrawl! Our theme was Noah's Ark this time around. This one was fun, but be warned! Keith had charge of the camera a lot so I don't know much of what happened. So let's see what happens when we put these pictures up -

Mary gives a Gummi Bear a friend before his eventual death -

Keith may have been taking charge of the camera -

Linda at the Pub Scrawl -

Linda's take on Noah's Ark. Note the giraffes! -

Patrick at the Pub Scrawl. I wonder if Keith hit him before this picture or something? I don't know, I didn't have the camera. :) -

Patrick's take - God told Noah to build an Ark so he'ld have a toy for the bath. I just don't want to see Mount Sinaii, that's all I'm saying.

Mary & I at the Pub Scrawl -

Mary's Noah's Ark Reactor -

And another from Mary -

Me at the Pub Scrawl. Stoned? No, just tired -

My take on Noah's Ark. It was a tight squeeze taking what they did take, alright -

And Mo's take on Noah's Ark.

That's it for another Scrawl! I'll try and remember to do an art post next week & be back as well in another fortnight with another Pub Scrawl.

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