Monday, March 12, 2012

Admin Monday

Don't forget our next Next Pub Scrawl - WUBWUBWUB is on next Monday, the 19th March 2012 at 20:30 in McSwiggans Bar, Woodquay. In related events that might be of interest in the area, my Mum's crochet group, Galway Crochet Craft, are having a display of Lace and Lacecraft of all kinds, including a demo in Lace-making on Tuesday the 20th at 19:30 in The View, Aras na Macleinn, NUIG. make sure to tell anyone you think might be interested! Admission is free and they're serving refreshments during the night.

In our facebook group, I share some links of interest during the week. Here's the week in links -

FAS have an internship for an animator in the Galway area. I'm not au fait with how you get to be eligible for this stuff, but its worth looking into if you know the story.

Today's Inspiration shared some amazing work by Jack Davis last week, displaying his amazing penmanship which just blew me away.

New Irish Gaming/Fantasy/Sci-Fi magazine the Gazebo are looking for art for their upcoming #1 issue. The theme is Steampunk, if you have anything they need you might send it their way.

My eye was caught by this gorgeous work by Caitlin Hackett. I especially liked the way she was working in this photo.

Kevin of the Drink Draw Cork posted this wonderful video from the International Watercolour Society Jury Committee - so outstanding and above and beyond what I expect of watercolours, in most of this work.

There are free comics to download on The Bureau of Drawers which look absolutely fantastic!

My hunt through various Tumblrs for the best art posts about continues - here's a great one on the art of Mead Schaeffer, one of my favourite Golden Age American Illustrators.

Kevin Campion, friend to Galway Pub Scrawl, has posted his amazing sculptural practise pieces - I have no idea if this facebook album of his is public or private, so hopefully you can see it.

Patrick shared some mind blowing Star Wars themed posters created for an exhibit to try and capture the personal identities of Star Wars characters. They are really, really cool.

Our friends from SubCity Comics have an entry in the Eagle Awards - vote for "The League of Volunteers" in the Best European Comic category if you have a chance!

We had an impromptu Pub Scrawl in the NUIG College Bar for ITZACon on Saturday. I had meant to make this an official one, but it had slipped my mind. We'll have formalise it for next year. I'll post some pics of our Twisted Fairy Tale pieces when I have them.

My Saturday was a bit spoiled by the news of Moebius passing away. One of the greatest living cartoonists and illustrators has left us. RIP. James Gurney posted links to the fantastic Moebius documentary, Moebius Redux. You should watch it. Gar shared a link to Bleeding Cool's post on remembering him through his art as well - worth a look.

But something to pick up the mood - I stumbled across the inspirational site - a nice repository of Concept Art imagery.

That's the round-up! See you next Monday for the Pub Scrawl!

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