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Here's your fortnightly round-up:

Member posts -
First up, Mary from the Pub Scrawl has another awesome t-shirt design at Qwertee. If you like The Kingkiller Chronicles, you'll appreciate this. Give it a vote!

Linda's Drawing and Visual Inquiry group at the GTI is selling raffle tickets for a draw on this Friday, the 30th of March. They're raffling off folders with a random piece of art from each student. You can get one strip of tickets for 2 europes or 3 strips for a fiver. If you want tickets, email Linda at linda.d.boonstra (at) gmail.com. or you can get tickets from room 27 in the GTI, I assume during work hours? Certainly on the morning of the 30th, I'm guessing.

And Maurizio shared this progress video from his upcoming illustrated novel - check it out, it's amazing -

Random Art Spam -
Other posts of interest -
Bjorn Hurri (aka Hurricane) revealed the latest in his Steampunk Star Wars redesigns - and my favourite so far! - the Steampunk Stormtrooper!

This guy bubbled up recently - he bills his art as "hyper-realist" and it really, really is. Some stunning images.

The mighty VinceB of the 11 O'Clock Podcast recommended this guy's blog - Dave Stokes cos his art is fantastic. And I have to agree.

Some amazing designs came up on DeviantArt - Pop Culture Maths!

And Patrick served up this other great DeviantArt Gallery by KaiCarpenter!

Kate Beaton was drawing peoples attention to this video - its beautiful

Mary reminded us all about the Gnomon Workshop and all the great resources you can find there.

The Comics Critic and Artist Matt Seneca rounded up some great album covers drawn by comic book creators - check it out!

The always excellent Dianne Mize did one of her composition tutorials - this time, really nicely (and simply) illustrating tangents. It's one of the best run-throughs on the idea that I've seen.

My new favourite blogspot blog, Faith is Torment, highlighted these amazing paintings that mimic multiple-exposure photographs. Fantastic idea, really well executed.

The only reason I bought my Kindle edition of The Hunger Games was this wordless comic Faith Erin Hicks made adapting the first few pages. I'll report back on whether I like the book as much.

donalfall out.

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