Monday, February 11, 2013

Admin Monday - Feb 11th 2013

Another round of updates and links from the Galway Pub Scrawl!


Yolande pointed out that the Discovery Program is looking for an exhibition designer.

We're going to move the next Pub Scrawl (#80 If the glove fits...) to the premises of our good friends in 091 labs to help them "decorate" the main area with works on the walls, both applied directly and hung, so go to the Labs on Monday, BYOB and bring some creativity!

Also, 091 Labs are looking for a new logo, so if you have any ideas, email them to Katie ( pro -at- (she alleges she'll take as many ideas as you have, so drown her in designs) and the winner gets the kudos of being on everything associated with the labs, and corresponding credit.

And our friends over in NUI, Galway ArtSoc had their annual exhibition "Blue tastes like Sky" in the Aras na MacLeinn all last week - congratulations to them!

Speaking of events, ITZACon EIRE is just around the corner. We'll have an impromptu Pub Scrawl in the college bar for the Saturday afternoon, but is there anything else anyone wants to do at it?


It was a week for videos -

Yolande shared this stop motion cake - amazing.

Black Forest Cake from Marion Ber on Vimeo.

This unbelievable video on making a snake -
- in just one (very long) stroke of the brush!

and this one was burning up the internet, so you may have seen it already, but it is a beauty -

Stan Prokopenko is doing critique videos now -

Mind. Blown.

Patrick pointed us towards this guy on DeviantArt, Trevor Grove.

And Irene pointed out these awesome flexible paper sculptures by Li Hongbo.

I got taken up by sites with big galleries of awesome pictures - Illustration Served and the Best of ArtOrder.

The BBC are running a competition - "What does the future look like to you" - and there's some sweet prizes up for grabs.

And Patrick wants you to fall in love with this:

That's it for another week of links and updates - make sure to go to 091 labs next week, not McSwiggans to join us for another epic Galway Lab Scraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawl!!!!

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