Saturday, July 16, 2016

31 Day Drawing Challenge JUL 2016 - Narrative Week! Day Sixteen: The Sidekick/Love Interest

We thought we'd try a narrative week for our 31 Day Drawing Challenge, after seeing how cool Keegan Kaya McGee's Wizard War Challenge was. So the challenge is to link some pics together for the week - on Day Sixteen: The Sidekick or Love Interest!

Siobhan Potter -

James Newell -

Fiona Flavin -

Virginia Black -

Aimee O'Neill -

Brian Cunningham -

Paddy Delaney -

Dermot Canniffe -

Tytti Anttila -

Mary Lillis -

Patrick Gavin -


The 31 Day Drawing Challenge 2016 is upon us again. Check the link for the list of topics this year.

On Monday the 18th of JUL, 2016 in McSwiggans we'll be having the next Galway Pub Scrawl #164 - Summer Nights (the 18th day of our 31 Day Drawing Challenge!).

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