31 Day Drawing Challenge - JUL 2016

Our yearly drawing challenge is upon us! You can see the results of the previous years in the links above (just under the main banner).

All Art that gets sent in will feature here on the blog and in our Facebook group, labelled with the Artist's name and contact details as appropriate/possible. Make sure to post the Art on Facebook and tag me in it or email it to me donalfall (at) gmail.com. All skill levels are accepted, it's just important to have fun with it! Everyday of the month, check the topic and make some kind of Artwork inspired by that.

Week One - Friday 1st

Day One - Portrait of a child
Day Two - You as an adventurer
Day Three - Entropy

Week Two - Monday 4th

Day Four - Galway Pub Scrawl #163 - Pub Scrawl God/Effigy
Day Five - Draw 4 versions of the same thing
Day Six - Anthropomorphic animal
Day Seven - Witch House
Day Eight - Design a picture for your birthstone
Day Nine - Scenery/Landscape
Day Ten - Hot air balloon

Week Three - Monday 11th Narrative week!
After Keegan Kaya McGee's "Wizard War" challenge

Day Eleven - The Location
Day Twelve - The Protagonist
Day Thirteen - The Treasure/reward
Day Fourteen - The Minion
Day Fifteen - The Trap
Day Sixteen - The sidekick and/or the love interest
Day Seventeen - The Final Boss!

Week Four - Monday 18th

Day Eighteen - Galway Pub Scrawl #164 - Summer nights
Day Nineteen - Something blue
Day Twenty - Trolls!
Day Twenty One - Leave some Art in public/make someone's day more magical
Day Twenty Two - Cyberpunk Prince/Princess
Day Twenty Three - Favourite predator
Day Twenty Four - A pattern, mandala or repeating design

Week Five - Monday 25th

Day Twenty Five - Pandora's box
Day Twenty Six - Make hourly comics, or one about your whole day.
Day Twenty Seven - Hybrid Animal
Day Twenty Eight - Design a poster for a TV show
Day Twenty Nine - Master Copy
Day Thirty - Draw a Secret Agent/Fireman/Knight/Spaceman
Day Thirty One - Anything you'd like!


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