Thursday, March 28, 2013

And more....

Soon I'll have enough to start rolling on the sidebar reshuffle, but not quite there yet. I wasn't in town today, but I did get these cool RSS icons from Chuck -

More to follow!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

More social media iconography!

I've been a bit lax on the social media icons project, but I have been working 60 hour weeks. I'll have to scan mine tomorrow. Meanwhile, here's a cool Google+ icon from Brian -

More tomorrow!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Admin Monday 25th MAR 2013

More updates and links for all y'all -


Brian Naughton is involved in a group that is trying to get some funding for a comic anthology project. Throw them some money on Kickstarter?

I wish I had mentioned this last week - the Ennis Comic Mart was on yesterday. Mark it down for next year, you guys! I'll try and find someone to give us some feedback on how it went. Thanks to Maura for posting it on our Facebook page in advance, at least. :)

And one of the reasons I wish I mentioned it was that Abandoned Comics are looking for two artists for their next comic project and were doing portfolio viewings at the Mart. You can still check out the link on how to email Martin and Mike to apply to the project.

Helen pointed us towards how to submit to Support Irish Art, a new listing webpage for emerging Irish Artists. You can follow through and get a listing if you like. :) Also, "like" Helen's page on Facebook.

And finally, Eva from Drink Draw Cork is hanging around in the Arctic! She's writing a blog about it, it's interesting stuff - go check it out!


Patrick was posting links to motivational speeches - Read It!!

Whereas I was serving up links to pure intimidation -

This guy draws on his kids sandwich bags every morning.

Hen 1

Illustrators Ireland post a round-up of recent works by members on their blog every so often - very cool, and one just went up recently.

The BBC and the pcf over in England are running a website called "Your Paintings" where lesser known and hidden works of Art in smaller collections, storage etc are getting some exposure. Worth browsing the archive!

Patrick also linked to the super-dense tutorial material over at androidarts. A LOT of stuff here worth looking over.

Chuck was talking about this at the last Pub Scrawl - Van Photography!

SILVER & LIGHT from Ian Ruhter : Alchemist on Vimeo.

AND Chuck was linking to the lead up to this upcoming documentary on American Sign Writers:

SIGN PAINTERS (OFFICIAL TRAILER) from samuel j macon on Vimeo.

(Amongst that mess of links you can find 99% Invisible, which you should be listening to)

Serge Birault did up a cool step-by-step on colouring lineart over on Muddy Colours

I love these candy-coloured illustrations over at ZuttoWorld -

That's another fortnight of what we've been interested in! Check back next Monday for Art & updates from Pub Scrawl #83 - Pub Scrawl DEFINITELY contains nuts!
and the Monday after for more updates and things of interest!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Site redesigning/Social Media

Hey guys, just jumping in with a small update - I'm going to reshuffle the look of the blog over the next while - nothing major, just want to tidy the way we run our sidebar. :) I've asked some 'Scrawlers to give me some social media icons (Facebook, Blogger, Google+ and RSS) to make a rotating set of imagery - it should be pretty sweet. I'll unveil the icons as they come in.

First up, Patrick raised the game with his Zombie Facebook button -

- and here's how it'll look in the sidebar -

- it seems a shame to shrink it. :) I'm going to scan my RSS button tomorrow, and we should see more 'Scrawl Icons (Scrawlicons?) roll in soon!

PS - Anyone out there in the wide world who wants to make us a cool FB/Blogger/G+/RSS icon and send it in to be part of our set, feel free! Make it square, then email it to donalfall -at-


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Galway Pub Scrawl #82 - 5 go mad in McSwiggans!

A quiet night in the Pub tonight, even though I advertised Pub Scrawl as the perfect antidote to St. Patrick's Day!! What better way to recover than go back to the pub, but this time for Art? Ah well, a cure not taken up by everyone but by some brave souls. :)

Super quick notice - our own Katie Creaven is in the Galway Musical Society production of Jekyll & Hyde that runs for the next 5 days or so in the Black Box Theatre. You can find out more & get your tickets on Facebook, through the Town Hall Theatre, etc etc. It's going to be a hell of a show, you should go check it out.

Here's the Art -

The brave souls! -

I was drawing a shaman-girl of some kind "getting stoned" was the pun of the night....

Chuck was continuing his serial killer sketchbook motif in a whole new sketchbook!

Shahzad came to join us again. Lovely pastel works -

Katie swung by after rehearsals (see above) and tried to make sense of Patrick's radio man sketchbook...

Make sense of it, if you can!

Yolande was keeping the craft corner alive -

And Anita actually went with the theme in the name of the night and drew the Famous Five! Weirdo. :)

That's it for another Pub Scrawl! Make sure to go see Jekyll & Hyde and come back in two weeks for another amazing Galway Pub Scrawl #83 - Pub Scrawl DEFINITELY contains nuts!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Admin Monday 11th MAR 2013

More Art news, links and updates from the little Pub Scrawl that could!


I'm still looking for bios of Pub Scrawlers!

Jay Penn finished up his job for the Adventures Dark & Deep Players Manual - check it out!

Our friends in 091 labs had their 3rd birthday party on Saturday the 2nd! Hurrah for them. :) Katie is still looking for a new logo, so if you want to be considered, email any ideas you have to pro -at- (that's also the email to pop a notice to if you want to get involved with drawing on the walls - drop Katie a line to see when the labs will be open, then go in and add to the wall-y canvas!).

Speaking of logos and 091 labs, they hosted the Galway Game Jam last Saturday the 9th of March - Alanna was talking beforehand about the need for a logo, if anyone was interested. I'm sure they'll be running it again, so let them know if you have any ideas for a design!

Jay pointed out this opportunity for collaborative work based on Ireland's mythological figures.

There's something very interesting going on at The Art of Superstition.

There's an exhibition of Cluain Mhuire Students happening in the Fairgreen, starting on Wednesday. Our own Declan Carroll might be amongst those represented...

Speaking of exhibitions, our Drink Draw Cork fellow traveler Jon O'Donoghue has an exhibition on at the moment, if you're in Cork, check it out!

And our friends over in Sub City Comics pointed out this fun weekly challenge, the Irish Sketch Society.


A great tutorial you have to watch that Patrick pointed us towards -

And some other tutorials worth checking out, not as good obviously -

And after my recent trip to Dr. Sketchy's Dublin for their "Lichtenstein" themed night, Niall pointed out that Brewdog are making a Lichtenstein Pale Ale.

The guys over at Sidebar Nation recently interviewed an amazing artist called Nathan Fowkes - go to his blog and check out his art! As always, you should be listening to the Sidebar podcast. ;)

Over on, you can find pics of one of the most amazing commissions of all time!

Apparently, your brain invents Magenta -

And Jeff Miracola posted a rather cool video on airbrush technique on his youtube channel -

Whew! And that's it for another week. Join us here next week for Pub Scrawl #82!!!!! - 5 go mad in McSwiggans!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Galway Pub Scrawl #81 - When to use an Interrobang?!

A great night out in our favourite haunt, McSwiggans and a lot of great Art produced, chats had, laughs laughed and etc. Sadly, I forgot my good camera, so you'll have to live with my cellphone pictures. A lot of disservice has been done to the guys drawings with these pics, but bear with my failings and enjoy!

(Also, I do love blogger, but the new image upload is all over the place. I might have to re-rotate a bunch of these and upload them again tomorrow)

See! Laughs laughed -

Nico drew this spectacular bird that he is planning on adding to the walls of 091 labs project...

I was drawing Dragons...

Jay was working on patented Jay sketches - sorry about the pic quality, Jay...

Brian was hard at work too - this piece evolved across the page, I should have taken a later picture.

Chuck is bordering on filling his first Pub Scrawl sketchbook!

Dermo was riffing on "something called Dune".

Geraldine was representing our craft corner this week, keeping it real.

While Anita was drawing this fella

Newcomer Shahzad was doing this beautiful portrait in pastels - Welcome!

Patrick was looking more thoughtful than usual

And Alanna was drawing this delightfully evil creature. :)

That's your update for another Pub Scrawl! Keep your eyes peeled next Monday for our usual update of links & goodness, and join us in two weeks time for Galway Pub Scrawl #82 - Five go mad in McSwiggans!