Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Galway Pub Scrawl #80 - If the glove fits.../Galway Lab Scrawl

We had TONS of fun in 091 Labs tonight with those guys - drawing on the walls was a blast. I didn't take half enough photos, but this is an evolving project - the guys down in the labs are welcoming us back when we can to keep filling details out, sketch, paint, stick etc to make the labs pretty! :) You can find the labs here -

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- and if people are about, go in to poke at the walls/add your own stamp to the proceedings! I'll post more pictures on this project as time goes by! Here's my limited sampling. I won't bother making much comment on these as there's multitudes in each picture and I didn't get good samples of a few of the guys work. I'll go back and get more, as I said. ;)

Make sure to check back with us next week for more links & updates from your friendly local Pub Scrawl! :)

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