July 2013

The 31 Day Drawing Challenge is just seven days away! We have our themes more or less in order, but add feedback here with any comments or complaints. We were chatting on the Facebook group page and have decided that this will be the Year of the Tentacle on the 31 Day Drawing Challenge. Anyone who can fit a tentacle(s) into their pieces get extra points! (Points are fictious and arbitary. They cannot be redeemed for goods & services)

There are no rules on media and no minimum for artisitc ability. This is a fun, open challenge open to all. Use anything you want, just create!

If you want to join in the fun, go over to the Facebook Group and Event and join us there, or you can send your Art to me, donalfall (at) gmail.com - make sure to include a link to your blog/website/social media Art account/whatever.

I'm excited you guys!

(edit 21 JUN 2013) Here's our tentacle... tentative list -

Day One - Portrait (not a self portrait)

Day Two - An Advertisement for you, doing what you want to do for a living

Day Three - Your Spirit Animal

Day Four - Quantum Worm

Day Five - Invisibility

Day Six - Trains/Railroads

Day Seven - Favourite Mythical Creature or God

Day Eight - Your idol, role model, hero or favourite person in History

Day Nine - Space(man)

Day Ten - Freedom

Day Eleven - Scenery/Landscape

Day Twelve - Internal organs in unusual situations/Unusual things as internal organs

Day Thirteen - (Transformer) Bugs

Day Fourteen - Tea Party

Day Fifteen - Under the bed

Day Sixteen - Make a mess!

Day Seventeen - Favourite Game Character

Day Eighteen - Something White, Purple, Pink and/or Black

Day Nineteen - Darkness

Day Twenty - Apes!

Day Twenty One - A sign of the Zodiac

Day Twenty Two - A cover for your favourite story as a child

Day Twenty Three - Space Pirates

Day Twenty Four - Bad Hair Day

Day Twenty Five - Summertime

Day Twenty Six - Favourite Actor/Actress in one of their roles and/or as a Zombie

Day Twenty Seven - Colouring In (http://www.supercoloring.com/)

Day Twenty Eight - Teach Something - a lesson in a picture

Day Twenty Nine - Master Copy

Day Thirty - Draw a Viking/Ninja/Wrestler/Cowboy

Day Thirty One - Anything you'ld like!

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