Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Galway Pub Scrawl #85 - This Scrawl isn't going to suck itself....

I tell you, 'Scrawl watchers, I am so sick right now that I nearly let this Scrawl go on without me, but I struggled down a little later than usual to catch up with all the guys and girls and take some great photos. I missed Keith and Linda, who were also in the neighbourhood earlier on, but captured everyone else at one point or another. I'll try and get a photo of what Linda was working on through the old email, but for now, go over to her portfolio blog - her recent pieces are really nice!

Are you back? Good - here's your photos!

A good looking bunch of Pub Scrawlers - except whatever Dermo and Jay are doing, making faces in the background.

Jay was working on this awesome illustration, though, so I forgive him.

Meanwhile, all these long work weeks are telling on my sketches

Gordon came to join in the fun! Gordon is a super talented guy we've been in touch with over the internet, it was great to have him over. Welcome!

Dermo was showing off that inkling he bought cheap a few weeks ago! Jammy git.

Katie was knocking it out of the park with her Raggy pics. She may be doing your weekly themes, Irish Sketch Society, but we had her first!

Patrick carried on with his insane character designs.

Alanna is practising portraits - and coming on in leaps and bounds!

Oisin rejoined us after a long year at college - good to have him back.

I was trying to stealthily photo Helen's work, but the flash gave me away.

George drew this awesome piece:

Nico was drawing a skeleton cyclist - and it's his new bio icon. Don't forget if you're a Scrawler you can feature on our "About" page!

And Chuck thought his piece from last time needed a Gosling, so that's what he added ( based on this book - how awesome is that?).

That's it you guys - a lemsip and bed for me. Hopefully all relevant data is here. :P Don't forget to check in next week for another Galway Pub Scrawl update, and in two weeks time for another Pub Scraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawl!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Admin Monday 15th APR 2013

The last one of these seemed so hectic! Let's see how we go this time, with another round of links and updates from Galway Pub Scrawl -


The June Sceitse event is coming to a Burren near us! Haha. It's a chance for us to go hang with other sketchers on an outdoor drawing day trip. Mark your calendars for the 15th of June!

Trevor was wondering aloud on the Facebook group if any of us would be interested in doing a Galway version of Free Art Friday over the summer?...?!? This needs more discussion.

And Ciaran is running a logo competition! I'll post his quote direct:

"I am a member of 091labs and I'm holding a competition to design my companies banner/logo. This will feature on the website which will be up Soon™ and on the various social media I have set up. (Hint: I like metallic Green on dark/metallic background )

The Company name is CreoDrone and offers 3D printing and calibration services. I hope to eventually expand this into CNC Milling, Laser Cutting and other robotics.

The prize for this competition is a free large print of your choice up to 5 hours in duration (worth €50 and not exchangeable for cash). You can select something from Thingiverse or have something you designed printed.

You can submit your entries to ciaran (at) 091labs.com and I will announce our winner(s) on our Facebook ( https://www.facebook.com/Creodrone ) and Twitter ( https://twitter.com/CreoDrone ) when I make my choice."

And I've been adding our new social media icons to the sidebar ->

more are coming, once I work out my randomiser scripts. All done by Pub Scrawlers, all awesome.


Stapleton Kearns had a great post on how a framemaker makes custom frames

Here's a great drawing tip, in the form of a drawing, from Tulptorials

Seage gives out amazing drawing tips while wearing an awesome hat -

Adam Spizak is making these cool illustrations as posters for his favourite TV shows -

Helen has been getting into old magazines, and linked us to this portfolio of Natalie Clapp, who interned for Juxtapoz at some point. :)

John Potoschnik evangelised for drawing.

Philip Watts posted this awesome video -

Bless You from Philip Watts on Vimeo.

Patrick pointed us towards this useful Life Drawing Reference, which is a Tumblr I follow and really like, as well as their sister Tumblr, Portrait Drawing Reference Tumblr...

And obviously Patrick was browsing Tumblr because he also found this blog full of Anime Backgrounds - the detail, as he said, is breathtaking.

Over at The Great God Pan Is Dead blog, he was helping some artists paint the town... blue?

That's it from us yet again! But don't worry, we'll be back with another Pub Scrawl next week - #85 - This Pub Scrawl isn't going to suck itself - and in another two weeks with another load of links, updates & Art!

Ciao people!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Galway Pub Scrawl #84 - Quick, add a cat!

Holy moly, I forgot to take a group photo! I blame the wind, we're getting tornado warnings here in Galway. But we turned up and we had a great time! Here's the Art -

Nico was working on his bio, or so he tells me. Remember, all Pub Scrawlers can get added to our list

I was not drawing-enabled this week. I could barely manage a portraity thing from the Internet, but I did it anyway. :)

Alanna was also drawing cool portraits!

The Irish Sketch Society are doing an Indiana Jones-themed week this week. I suggested we all try our hands - Katie and Mary actually followed through!



Mary also did these lovely trees -

Patrick was designing things. Evil things.

Helen was drawing while reading old comics. :)

And Ger returned to give us this awesome Medieval Judge Dredd!

And Alan was drawing these -

Anita was put off by tiredness/the weather/etc so she remote scrawled! Wooooooooooooooooo for remote scrawling.

That's enough for me - I've got work in the morning. But check back regularly for more updates and more Art from the Galway Pub Scrawl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

More social media icons!

We got more social media icons! I've been meaning to get the sidebar shuffle organised, but I've been working a lot. This one is a blog icon from Mary -

Also, the Sceitse guys are planning a outdoor drawing trip to the Burren on the 15th of June, so we have to get ready to roadtrip down to hang out with them!

Update soon!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Admin Monday 08 APR 2013

Another round of links and updates from the Galway Pub Scrawl:


Brian Naughton is involved in a group that is trying to get some funding for a comic anthology project. Throw them some money on Kickstarter? Just a few days left on this one you guys!

You can join Rail Girls Galway to learn how to develop web applications. Well, you can if you are female at least! (as far as I understand things) Jump over to their website to apply for their free workshops before the 30th of April.

Dermo showed us this cool deal website - now normally, who cares about deal websites, but a few days ago you could buy a Wacom Inkling for 40% off! Great deal, we'll try and keep an eye out and update y'all if anything like that comes up again.

Yolande gave any who would be interested in working in Kilkenny a heads-up that a community Arts project is looking for a Development Worker.

AND Yolande gave this handy link for any looking for funding for Visual Arts programs/degrees...

Patrick Canney wants you to have a look at his new website.


I wish I was so set up that I could have a painting hanging apparatus like Dave Cooper:

Stephanie pointed out that one of the cool guys who were one of the stall holders at WARPCon (convoluted sentence) is an entrant into the BioShock Art Contest. Voting is over by now, but the entries are pretty cool. Check them out!

Patrick was impressed by the art for this RPG book - we were too!

Oisin made us a fan of Irene Gallo's new post full of Dinosaur Art over on Tor.com.

Chuck pointed us toward the Art of Riccardo Guasco , who made this awesome image illustrating "Milan" for a series of City Cycling guides.

And I thought these lush paintings by Liepke highlighted on the Underpaintings Blog were the best -

Daire asked "Who likes colouring?" :)

And most of the Internet were talking about this -

Life Drawing as stop motion animation -

Life Drawing at The Book Club from Wriggles & Robins on Vimeo.

- super fun idea.

Here's a handy photoshop tip that Patrick dragged up.

Greg Manchess (one of my favourites) has 10 words for approaching your career in Art!

Underpaintings is doing a straw poll to see who should win the Portrait Society of America International Portrait Competition - some beautiful pieces in the finalists.

That's it for another week! Although holy hell it was a busy week of links, eh? Hopefully it all comes together. Come back next week for photos from our next Galway Pub Scrawl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Galway Pub Scrawl #83 - Pub Scrawl DEFINITELY contains nuts

Another night of Art & good company in the pub!

Look at all these handsome Pub Scrawlers -

Shahzad gives us this orange -

Patrick keeps drawing these people

And Katie keeps drawing these people -

And I was drawing a "Young Vampire Margaret Thatcher" -

Mary is drawing wings for a design she has for the future -

And Alanna was practising faces!

That's it from me - I have work SUPER EARLY in the morning, so I'll have to wrap it up. Come back next week for some updates and links and in two weeks time for another GALWAY PUB SCRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWL!!!!!!!!!!!!