Monday, February 25, 2013

Admin Monday 25 FEB 2013

Another round of notices and links from your friendly local Pub Scrawl!


We had one of our best gatherings ever last week in 091 labs. Make sure to check out the blog post!

Also, my project to make a comprehensive "About" page for all our Pub Scrawlers continues. Some are in, some are on the way, more to do! Get your pic & bio together and email me - donalfall (at)

In association with Jon, Eva and a whole host of other people, the "Sketch Ireland Network" is starting to assemble. It's just a fun way to stay updated about all the sketch groups, events and interesting stuff going on. You can go join the group on Facebook for the moment.

Our friends in SubCity Comics ‎let us know that a Short SCI-FI film production needs a storyboard artist.

"Runner, set in the year 2071 is the story of one man's quest to free planet earth from a totalitarian government hell bent on destroying mankind and all life as we know it."

This is a non budget-student production, the film will be entered into the Galway Film Fleadh 2013 and all involved will be given full credit for their work. Go over to the Facebook Page and comment on the post, or email libranpictures -at-

Yolande pointed us to the fact that Westmeath County Council is looking for an Arts Officer.

AND that Offaly County Council are doing these cool painting and drawing sessions as part of ENGAGE with Architecture.


I'm awfully fond of Golden Age of American Illustration Illustrators, and this new website dedicated to the Art of Harry Anderson is a treasure trove.

Imaginism Studios has launched a cool new comic project.

Valentine's Day brought us this cute animation.

Alanna shared this very informative instructional video:

AS WELL AS this set of tips for becoming a Game Artist.

The guys in SubCity also pointed us towards this interesting idea from Mark Waid.

Mary linked to this interesting restaurant and gallery we may have to contact...

Mark Kennedy over at the Temple of the Seven Golden Camels blog had an amazing post about face shapes in comics (and Art in general).

Ruaidhri clued us in to Blackberry's contest to illustrate Neil Gaiman tales.

Iggy asked who needs paper?

Whereas I shared this deep musing on the nature of Conceptual Art -

Cos Koniotis is planning on self-publishing a set of Art books that includes one of his sketches, thought processes etc - it looks amazing.

Come join us next Monday in McSwiggans for Pub Scrawl #81 - When to use an Interrobang?!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Galway Pub Scrawl #80 - If the glove fits.../Galway Lab Scrawl

We had TONS of fun in 091 Labs tonight with those guys - drawing on the walls was a blast. I didn't take half enough photos, but this is an evolving project - the guys down in the labs are welcoming us back when we can to keep filling details out, sketch, paint, stick etc to make the labs pretty! :) You can find the labs here -

View Larger Map

- and if people are about, go in to poke at the walls/add your own stamp to the proceedings! I'll post more pictures on this project as time goes by! Here's my limited sampling. I won't bother making much comment on these as there's multitudes in each picture and I didn't get good samples of a few of the guys work. I'll go back and get more, as I said. ;)

Make sure to check back with us next week for more links & updates from your friendly local Pub Scrawl! :)

Monday, February 18, 2013


Don't forget - We're going to be in the premises of our good friends in 091 labs tonight for Pub Scrawl (Lab Scrawl) #80 - If the glove fits... - not McSwiggans to help the lab guys "decorate" the main area with works on the walls, both applied directly and hung, so go to the Labs tonight, BYOB and bring some creativity!

The Labs can be found here -

View Larger Map

See you there!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Admin Monday - Feb 11th 2013

Another round of updates and links from the Galway Pub Scrawl!


Yolande pointed out that the Discovery Program is looking for an exhibition designer.

We're going to move the next Pub Scrawl (#80 If the glove fits...) to the premises of our good friends in 091 labs to help them "decorate" the main area with works on the walls, both applied directly and hung, so go to the Labs on Monday, BYOB and bring some creativity!

Also, 091 Labs are looking for a new logo, so if you have any ideas, email them to Katie ( pro -at- (she alleges she'll take as many ideas as you have, so drown her in designs) and the winner gets the kudos of being on everything associated with the labs, and corresponding credit.

And our friends over in NUI, Galway ArtSoc had their annual exhibition "Blue tastes like Sky" in the Aras na MacLeinn all last week - congratulations to them!

Speaking of events, ITZACon EIRE is just around the corner. We'll have an impromptu Pub Scrawl in the college bar for the Saturday afternoon, but is there anything else anyone wants to do at it?


It was a week for videos -

Yolande shared this stop motion cake - amazing.

Black Forest Cake from Marion Ber on Vimeo.

This unbelievable video on making a snake -
- in just one (very long) stroke of the brush!

and this one was burning up the internet, so you may have seen it already, but it is a beauty -

Stan Prokopenko is doing critique videos now -

Mind. Blown.

Patrick pointed us towards this guy on DeviantArt, Trevor Grove.

And Irene pointed out these awesome flexible paper sculptures by Li Hongbo.

I got taken up by sites with big galleries of awesome pictures - Illustration Served and the Best of ArtOrder.

The BBC are running a competition - "What does the future look like to you" - and there's some sweet prizes up for grabs.

And Patrick wants you to fall in love with this:

That's it for another week of links and updates - make sure to go to 091 labs next week, not McSwiggans to join us for another epic Galway Lab Scraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawl!!!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Galway Pub Scrawl #79 - to all humans...

Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cold in Galway this evening, you guys. And still we made it to the pub for Art and laughs. So many laughs - one of the funniest nights to date, although as I was admitting earlier, it may have been cold-induced delirium. :D

Before we post what happened tonight, I gotta mention that our friends over in NUI, Galway ArtSoc are having their annual exhibition "Blue tastes like Sky" in the Aras na MacLeinn all week (as far as I know) - make sure to pop in and check them out!

Here's a load of pictures of people making Art and enjoying themselves!

Nico's drawing is looking at you (And around you).

Yolande, always giving it craft ;)

Patrick was asking all kinds of questions about snakes. #notracist

Alan was drawing back in his usual fashion.

As was Katie. :)

In fairness though, as Ger shows here, Pub Scrawlers do the things they like.

We also had the proud return of Dermo! No-one knows what he likes.

Mary was drawing eyes and talking a lot about Disney. She's been putting more Art on her blog recently, btw.

And I was just scribbling. After a fashion.

Jay wasn't physically at the Pub Scrawl, but he was working with us in spirit!

That's it for another Pub Scrawl. Make sure to join us in two weeks time in McSwiggans for another amazing Galway Pub Scrawl - #80 - If the glove fits, you must breakdance!!