Friday, December 16, 2011

Galway Pub Scrawl #52 - the 12th day of Christmas... or December, whatever.

Another night at the Galway Pub Scrawl! Good times had by all. Didn't take many pictures for some raisin, so apologies to those I left out...

Keith wants you all to know he was at the Scrawl -

Oh look, everyone else! :)

Our theme was "Christmas Market Thunderdome" - I spent a lot of time trying to get Mel's look into the pic, but I don't think I was quite successful.

Ger went with Christmas Market... Metal Gear Solid...

Patrick offers seasonal violence.

Yolande tries to just be quietly productive.

Grainne and the product placement. :) My fault, not hers.

and that's all I took! Should have photo'ed some more. We're on a skip fortnight because of Christmas, so the next Pub Scrawl is on the 9th of January or the 10th? The second monday anyway (check the sidebar for Facebook details). See you all soon, and enjoy the season of presents and eating!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Galway Pub Scrawl Special Event 002 - Drink Draw *with* Drink Draw Cork!

My camera died on the night of our big Special Event, so I've been tardy in recharging, uploading, croppping etc. Sorry you guys! Half my pictures are on Ashy's camera, so I'll present these without further comment for the minute, and there's more coming shortly.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Galway Pub Scrawl #51 - Attack of the Space Mexicans

We had special Pub Scrawl Cookies! The lovely Tara provided these tasty PS goodies for another great Pub Scrawl.

Look at how busy we were -

My Space Mexicans Attack!

Patrick bought prep work.

Jenny's Attack of the Space Mexicans.

Mary takes on Space and Mexicans - twice!

Ger gives us a Space Luchador!

That's a busy Pub Scrawl.

All the O'Briens work on crafts. This was definitely the night that Knitting/Crochet took over Pub scrawl. :P

Mo works on her crafts.

Michelle works on her circular stitches. I think this is for a sock. :)

Tara's hat.

Fiona makes a body for her little Angel.

Yolande waves bye-bye to the Pub Scrawl with her newly created gloves. Bye-bye.

Don't forget! Our next Pub Scrawl is on a TUESDAY the 29th of November. In Monroe's, not our usual home of McSwiggans. The lovely, lovely people of Drink Draw Cork are coming to join us for Galway Pub Scrawl Special Event 002 - Drink Draw WITH Drink Draw Cork

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Galway Pub Scrawl #50 - Hamster Mansion

Wow, Pub Scrawl 50 you guys! Given that we've had more than one break, and we meet once a fortnight, we've broken past our two year anniversary. Hm. Maybe we should have bought a cake. :D

But who cares? The biggest event in the history of Galway EVER is coming up. The fantastic guys from Drink Draw Cork are coming up to visit us on the 29th of November. Come one, come all to the side bar in Monroes on the evening of the 29th for a night of drinking, drawing & fun. Oh my god I'm excited. :)

A quieter night than usual last monday, but often the quiet ones are the fun ones!

But here's what you're here for - pictures!

I have some kind of bloodstone-related meme hit

Jenny and Iggy wonder why it's so quiet...

So Iggy tackles some celebrity portraits

While I think that Jenny may have been affected by watching me play Limbo...

Dali - the next Bond Villain? Patrick thinks so.

Jenny disagrees!

Ger channels the 90's. Only kidding. :D

donalfall OUT.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011