Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I wasn't there, but there is plenty to go around! Well done to the guys. Keep an eye out for my update next week, and Monday 08 NOV 2010, the next Pub Scrawl, where we shall play visual Exquisite Corpse or else a comic panel game like the Dublin Comic Jam guys.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Orsh mentions on a monday

Howdy all.

I'm getting distracted by The Brides of Dracula, a fantastic (in 1 meaning of the word or other) old Hammer Horror movie, but I'll still stick up a notification.

There was a rumour passed to me via James Newell that there may be some relaxation of the "student's only" limitation on the life drawing classes in the Cluain Mhuire campus. Specifically, there may be an open class on tuesday evenings. I'm going to nose around up there tomorrow evening perhaps, see what I can see.

If you go to enough Life Drawing, you might get as good as Kevin Wuest, whose blog is really outstanding.

But you need some other skills to be as damn, down-right brilliant as Colleen Coover manages to be.

Also, I ran across the best 24 hour comic I think I've seen (NSFW)!

Anyway, I'll be out of town for the Pub Scrawl (next monday! 25th OCT 2010) but I am expecting Hallow'een themed sketches to photograph & post on my return on tuesday/wednesday!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

This post will be followed up tomow or wed, once I have a few ducks lined up. The Pub Scrawl was great fun this week, really nice atmosphere even though the nights are getting darker and colder. Thanks to all who came!

There'll be a post by wednesday, something else on the art topics next monday & the next pub scrawl is Monday the 25th Oct 2010 in McSwiggans. Be there!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Monday updates - Pub Scrawl Next Week!

Nearly forgot to push the boat out here. Not a lot will go into this though, even though I had a few things in mind to feed into your brains.

Make sure to go and vote on the Artistic Challenge Leviathan Challenge!

Pub Scrawl in McSwiggans next Monday at 20:30. Be there or don't!