Friday, May 30, 2014

Admin **FRIDAY!?!** 30 MAY 2014


The 30 Day Drawing Challenge is ABOUT TO START! This is going to be great. The drawing challenges have been my favourite time of year the last two years, and I'm expecting it to be better again this year. Go check out the topics and get ready to post Art on the Facebook page!

The Islanders released a publication - Black Night Magazine. You can buy it on their Storenvy page - I highly recommend it.

Speaking of the Islanders - tangentially, Sceitse, the Cork-based outdoor sketch group, were featured in ImagineFX #110. Pretty good for them, but as sample Art was included from times we met up with them... some of us were featured in it! You can see details over on Jay's blog.

What else? So much else. We're giving a talk in Charlie Byrne's on the 5th, What *is* all this Urban Sketching anyway?, there's booking available for the next Dr Sketchy's Galway - The Wizard of Oz on the 14th and we're out drawing Quay Street for Urban Sketchers Galway #004 on the 22nd of June... oh jeez, you guys, there's probably a million more again. I'll try and slip in more updates during the month if possible, but this blog is going to be filled with ART for the drawing challenge in June. Next Admin Monday update on the 14th of July!


Ger linked to this great article on an old-timey strongman's exercise manual. The Illustrations are great drawing fodder!

The Met Museum announced that they were going to give free access to more than 400,000 digital images from their collection.

Alexandra Khitrova decided to try her hand at concept design only about a year ago, and is now one of the design leads on a movie? Gives hope to everyone for their career prospects!

Ruth pointed out this interesting logo contest. Could you design a "Smokey Bacon Beer" label?

The Society of Illustrators had their annual Microvisions auction - affordable Masterworks. If you're a person who picked up one of these beauties, I am insanely jealous.

Ger also linked this for us -

Have you seen Project 2501?

Marko Djurdjevic and Gerald Parel are using this tumblr to post the sketches they make while on the phone or in meetings!

And you can now sign up for PACT.

Come join us in McSwiggans on the 9th of JUN for our next Pub Scrawl #112 (and the 9th day of our Drawing Challenge) - just another Manic Monkey.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Galway Pub Scrawl #111 - The kind of PhD. you find in the streets.

Here's your round of Art & fun from the Pub this week!

Come join us again in two weeks for Galway Pub Scrawl #112 - Just another Manic Monkey! It's going to be right at the start of our 30 Day Drawing Challenge, so you can join us remotely by doing the theme of the day.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Admin Monday 19th MAY 2014


We had a little sneak peak at our 30 day drawing challenge topics at Dr Sketchy's Galway last Saturday. Go on to our 30 day drawing challenge page to get your own preview of what we'll all be tackling this year.

Our very own Jay Penn was making videos at the weekend of his process -

And Katie Creaven's Scruffy Morris website is LIVE. Go check it out.


Kim Jung Gi is releasing a comic and it looks AMAZING.

Logothief documents a lot of... Logo theft. Suprising how many of them are such direct steals.

There's a cool documentary about Greg Ruth and his inking techniques, the Drybrush Master -

The Drybrush Master from Ben Tobin on Vimeo.

Hairy Green Eyeball ran all the pages from the collected Spirit #1 by Eisner - and his style is still as impressive as ever.

You've probably all heard about DANGERDUST by now, because they were all over the everywhere on the internet this week, but if you haven't, check them out! Guerilla chalkboard Art? Awesome.

Helen found this great article on Herge! So much information!

We were all sad to hear the passing of H.R. Giger this week... Brian found a great article commemorating him.

Mary obviously wants me to up my Origami game by linking to articles like this one.

Alanna found this great and easy to follow Vector Art tutorial, as well as some pointers for designing isometric buildings.

I've been thinking about our Drawing Challenges, old and new, and being reminded of previous years when I find things like the Disney Tarot by dmorte on DeviantArt.

That's it (for the moment) but make sure to come visit us in the back room of McSwiggans next Monday for Pub Scrawl #111 - The kind of Ph.D. you find in the street!

Friday, May 16, 2014

One of the best weekends for Art up ahead. Full stop, the end.

Holy cow, you guys. There is SO much for you to see and do this weekend.

If you're here in Galway, you HAVE TO, HAVE TO, HAVE TO, HAVE TO join the rest of us at Dr. Sketchy's Galway goes Back to the Future! Get your tickets here or on the door at Kelly's at 5PM! Wooooo!

If you're down South, you can go to the launch of the Islanders book, BLACK NIGHT with a special Drink & Draw Cork straight after! Awesome!

And on Sunday, you can draw Galway with our "baby sister" group, Urban Sketchers Galway, as we draw the Prom, Salthill.

That's it (for the moment) but make sure to come visit us in the back room of McSwiggans next Monday for Pub Scrawl #111 - The kind of Ph.D. you find in the street and I hope everyone is doing their (artistic) push-ups for the forthcoming 30 Day Drawing Challenge.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Galway Pub Scrawl #110 - Backing up like a Tonka Truck

More Art & fun in the pub! But first -

Our very best friends in Dr Sketchy's Galway are on THIS SATURDAY!!! With the theme of "Back to the Future", it's going to be an amazing evening of life drawing and cabaret. BUY TICKETS NOW!!!

Also, our "baby sister group", Urban Sketchers Galway, are having their next get-together on the prom, Salthill, this Sunday! Come join us there!

AND AND AND our 30 Day Drawing Challenge is right around the corner! Keep your eyes peeled on that page for updates, sneak previews of our themes and... eventually... the start signal!

Now finally, some Art from tonight -

Make sure to join us again in two weeks time in McSwiggans for Pub Scrawl #111 - The kind of PhD. you'd find in the street!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Admin Monday 5th MAY 2014


Our 30-day drawing challenge is right around the corner! Get ready for action on the 1st of June 2014. Myself and the other Pub Scrawl admins have worked hard on a really, really good list of topics this year, I'm really looking forward to unveiling them and seeing everyone's Art! Sharpen your pencils.

Our new "sister" group, Urban Sketchers Galway has become an official member of the Urban Sketching movement. Call into our blog or come join us at our next event for more.

Speaking of just around the corner, our friends at Dr. Sketchy's Galway are soon having their next event, on the 15th of May. The theme is "Back to the Future", so book your tickets now.

091 labs have moved location. Call into one of their open nights on Tuesdays to get a look at their new space on Raleigh Row.

AND - go join the Galway Game Craft event 2014 for a fun weekend of making computer games - they need Artists as much as they need coders, etc. It looks like a great time.


There's an amazing new paint-over/critique site at You have to join their Facebook group, upload your Art & join the conversation to get the advantage of real experts helping you out! is lining up to be a replacement for the sad demise of CGHub.

British Pathé have put their entire library on Youtube. Search the channel for "Art" for some highly entertaining clips.

Locust Moon comics are commissioning loads of amazing Artists to make tributes to Windsor McKay & Little Nemo - you have to go check them out.

Conor linked us to this gallery of work by Michael Dashow - very cool work.

The Black Frog is one of my favourite, favourite, favourite Artists. He doesn't make half enough work to satisfy my cravings. Check out what there is on his site.

PaddyD. found the Artist's statements of the Old Masters.

Quickposes is a great tool for those of us who want to get ready for Dr. Sketchy's Galway!

Comics Unmasked is a fine looking exhibit in the British Library. There was a good write-up on it in The Guardian.

Patrick linked to these beautiful creations by Oskar Stalberg.

And Ger pointed to this article on Benjamin Sack drawing all the cities.

That's it, that's all. Make sure to join us in McSwiggans next Monday (the 12th of May) for our next Pub Scrawl #110 - Backing up like a Tonka Truck.