Monday, July 8, 2013

31 Day Drawing Challenge JUL 2013 - Day 09 - Spaceman

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Last night was a great Pub Scrawl in our favourite locale of McSwiggans Back Bar

but everyone was really busy with stuff you'll see over the last or next few days of the challenge, so there was no need for too much photography. :)

Also, my sister Aideen and her kids have been following the challenge along at home in her own inimitable style - check out this 7 day blast!

I'm hoping to catch her next weekly update next Monday!

So on we go with our 31 Day Drawing Challenge! Today's theme is "Spaceman" which when Mary suggested it, meant this guy. Will our Challengers think of Chris when they think of Spacemen? -

Me, I think of this:

Joe Mac

James Newell

Donal Fallon

Daire Lynch

Erika King - The Man Who Fell to Earth

Kernan Andrews - Ziggy Stardust

Liosa Mac

Michelle McKinney

Ani Chioma Kulapo

Kevin Gough

Andrew Judge

Michael Craughwell -
"I think Commander Hadfield has time for one more question… let me see… you there, with the beard, down near the back…"

"Yes, thank you. I wanted to ask Mr. Hadfield how astronauts going on a spacewalk handle the stress of dealing with the soviet ghost dogs?"

"eh… I'm not sure, my Hadfield can take that questio… "

"Who told you about the dogs?! I didn't learn about the dogs until I got up there! I didn't learn about those poor little things until MY FIRST WALK! So you come in here, think you're real smart, think I'm going to lie about… "

"I think Mr.Hadfield will be taking a little break now…"

"Don't you cut me off! That bastard asked and he should get his answer. We don't keep it secret for our own benefit, it's so you people don't have to think about it. Imagine you're there, the first Canadian ever to do a spacewalk, trying to put together a robotic arm built by your country and boom; you feel something nuzzle at your leg. You'll look down at the empty little suit, the scraps of cloth and clouded over helmet and you'll FEEL IT STARING AT YOU. Is that what you want to hear? That I was scared by a ghost in space? Well screw you man! Anyone would've crapped themselves. And the worst part is they keep coming back, they paw at you and stuff like they want attention. Sometimes when you shoo them away they turn their back on you. IS ANY OF THIS MAKING YOU FEEL BETTER? Is knowing that space is full of little empty spacesuits that act like they're lonely as shit making you happy? ANSWER ME!"

Patrick Gavin

Brian Cunningham

Stephanie Power

Katie Creaven

Alan Cunningham


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