Thursday, July 11, 2013

31 Day Drawing Challenge - Day 11 - Scenery/Landscape (and a little homework)

Hey all! I have a little teeny tiny bit of homework for you, the viewer today. If you're enjoying our 31 Day Challenge and you have a Google+ account, hit the "Share" button up on the top navigation bar here on and share us publicly with your circles. Every share helps! You can also "+1" each individual post if you feel up to it, but we'll leave that as optional. :) Thanks so much!

Here's today's Art -

"The one test of an artist's conception is nature. Therefore, study her industriously, for truly art sticks fast in nature and he who can get it out has it." - Albrecht Durer

James Newell

Daire Lynch

Ani Chioma Kulapo

Erika King

Yolande O'Brien - The desk of a Landscape Archaeologist

Joris Burla

Andrew Judge

Kevin Gough

Gordon MacKay

Patrick Gavin

Michael Craughwell

Brian Cunningham

Katie Creaven

Patrick Delaney

Ciara Nulty

Katrina O'Connor

Rebecca Bourke

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