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More updates and links for all y'all -


Brian Naughton is involved in a group that is trying to get some funding for a comic anthology project. Throw them some money on Kickstarter?

I wish I had mentioned this last week - the Ennis Comic Mart was on yesterday. Mark it down for next year, you guys! I'll try and find someone to give us some feedback on how it went. Thanks to Maura for posting it on our Facebook page in advance, at least. :)

And one of the reasons I wish I mentioned it was that Abandoned Comics are looking for two artists for their next comic project and were doing portfolio viewings at the Mart. You can still check out the link on how to email Martin and Mike to apply to the project.

Helen pointed us towards how to submit to Support Irish Art, a new listing webpage for emerging Irish Artists. You can follow through and get a listing if you like. :) Also, "like" Helen's page on Facebook.

And finally, Eva from Drink Draw Cork is hanging around in the Arctic! She's writing a blog about it, it's interesting stuff - go check it out!


Patrick was posting links to motivational speeches - Read It!!

Whereas I was serving up links to pure intimidation -

This guy draws on his kids sandwich bags every morning.

Hen 1

Illustrators Ireland post a round-up of recent works by members on their blog every so often - very cool, and one just went up recently.

The BBC and the pcf over in England are running a website called "Your Paintings" where lesser known and hidden works of Art in smaller collections, storage etc are getting some exposure. Worth browsing the archive!

Patrick also linked to the super-dense tutorial material over at androidarts. A LOT of stuff here worth looking over.

Chuck was talking about this at the last Pub Scrawl - Van Photography!

SILVER & LIGHT from Ian Ruhter : Alchemist on Vimeo.

AND Chuck was linking to the lead up to this upcoming documentary on American Sign Writers:

SIGN PAINTERS (OFFICIAL TRAILER) from samuel j macon on Vimeo.

(Amongst that mess of links you can find 99% Invisible, which you should be listening to)

Serge Birault did up a cool step-by-step on colouring lineart over on Muddy Colours

I love these candy-coloured illustrations over at ZuttoWorld -

That's another fortnight of what we've been interested in! Check back next Monday for Art & updates from Pub Scrawl #83 - Pub Scrawl DEFINITELY contains nuts!
and the Monday after for more updates and things of interest!

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