Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Site redesigning/Social Media

Hey guys, just jumping in with a small update - I'm going to reshuffle the look of the blog over the next while - nothing major, just want to tidy the way we run our sidebar. :) I've asked some 'Scrawlers to give me some social media icons (Facebook, Blogger, Google+ and RSS) to make a rotating set of imagery - it should be pretty sweet. I'll unveil the icons as they come in.

First up, Patrick raised the game with his Zombie Facebook button -

- and here's how it'll look in the sidebar -

- it seems a shame to shrink it. :) I'm going to scan my RSS button tomorrow, and we should see more 'Scrawl Icons (Scrawlicons?) roll in soon!

PS - Anyone out there in the wide world who wants to make us a cool FB/Blogger/G+/RSS icon and send it in to be part of our set, feel free! Make it square, then email it to donalfall -at-


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