Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Galway Pub Scrawl #81 - When to use an Interrobang?!

A great night out in our favourite haunt, McSwiggans and a lot of great Art produced, chats had, laughs laughed and etc. Sadly, I forgot my good camera, so you'll have to live with my cellphone pictures. A lot of disservice has been done to the guys drawings with these pics, but bear with my failings and enjoy!

(Also, I do love blogger, but the new image upload is all over the place. I might have to re-rotate a bunch of these and upload them again tomorrow)

See! Laughs laughed -

Nico drew this spectacular bird that he is planning on adding to the walls of 091 labs project...

I was drawing Dragons...

Jay was working on patented Jay sketches - sorry about the pic quality, Jay...

Brian was hard at work too - this piece evolved across the page, I should have taken a later picture.

Chuck is bordering on filling his first Pub Scrawl sketchbook!

Dermo was riffing on "something called Dune".

Geraldine was representing our craft corner this week, keeping it real.

While Anita was drawing this fella

Newcomer Shahzad was doing this beautiful portrait in pastels - Welcome!

Patrick was looking more thoughtful than usual

And Alanna was drawing this delightfully evil creature. :)

That's your update for another Pub Scrawl! Keep your eyes peeled next Monday for our usual update of links & goodness, and join us in two weeks time for Galway Pub Scrawl #82 - Five go mad in McSwiggans!

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