Monday, June 12, 2017

Wrap Up Monday 12th JUN 2017 - The 31 Day Drawing Challenge is upon us!

Admin Monday is back with a collection of links & updates from our Facebook Group and beyond! Join the group to get this information & invites to all our events first, and don't forget to check the Art from our last Pub Scrawl, Not exactly Rocket Science.



It's almost time for the 2017 31 Day Drawing Challenge! Warm up your wrists and sketchbooks!

Merle, who was a staple of Pub Scrawl for the last year or so, has moved on to pastures new. So read her webcomic. We'll miss you, Merle!

Our visitors from America from oh so long ago started their own Drink and Draw meet-ups in Florida. Follow them through that event to get more info maybe?


Art + maps = fun!

Drawing tips from Architects -

What do you get when you combine basketball and Ukiyo-e Art? Edo Ball!

This cut paper Art is pretty sharp (wa wa).

There had to be a use for FaceApp. Turns out, classic Art needs a face lift.

You want some textures? Texture Ninja is now free.

Some amazing crochet work resulted in this billboard of Susan B. Anthony.

Winsor & Newton have started a new collection of "Masterclass" videos that provided interesting snippets of techniques and info.

You have to check out the Art of Jarosław Marcinek.

Iggy recommended checking out the videos over on Hyperflesh. They're breathtaking.

Alanna found a cool video about rotoscoping and pixel Art -

Myself and James were both raving about new cool anatomy reference we found online, and it turned out we were both talking about the same people. He tried the desktop version, I tried the app - both really useful!

The Nationalmuseum Stockholm has posted a ton of hi-res images online from their collection. There's some really, really cool stuff there.


We'll be back in McSwiggans on Monday the 19th of Jun for our next Galway Pub Scrawl #188 - wearing your Sunday best up a mountain.

We're also right on top of the ever amazing and bewildering 31 Day Drawing Challenge! Look at the tabs up top for the previous years works and go here to see this years topics!

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