Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Member Focus Month - Mary Lillis

More Member Focussing with Mary Lillis. Mary is the regular I have known the longest (about half my life so far) and was the least willing to entertain the idea I would write her bio for her. I don't know if these two facts are connected.

I have always been creative but as I couldn't study art in Secondary School I didn't realise I was any good at it until I was 17. I started dabbling in design in college and after a one year course in the fabulous Moinin na gCiseach Community College Galway I was a qualified Graphic Designer. Several years of freelance work on the side of a retail career(!) and I finally got a "real" job.

Doing Graphic Design for a print company doesn't allow much creativity so I get my inspiration from design competitions from sites like and

These sites,a lot of random T shirt designing and Pubscrawl (of course!) give me the inspiration to keep going with my art. I may never be famous but lots of (mostly) positive comments from complete strangers (and occasional famous authors) keep me going. :)

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and as of recently (31 MAY 2012)


  1. Fantastic stuff Mary, I like your really bold approach to design. It's stark and eye-catching stuff.