Saturday, May 19, 2012

Member Focus Month - Patrick Gavin

We carry on Member Focus Month with Patrick's profile. Make fun of him in the comments if you like, he's gone to London for Kapow! so he probably won't see them til Monday. My understanding is they have no internet in London (only joking Patrick, hope you have a good time showing your portfolio around!).

Greetings, My name is Patrick and I'am what you might call a Purveyor of the Imaginary made Manifest, which is a pretty way of saying I make things up and scribble them down.
For as long as I can remember Art (and to a smaller degree, craft), has always been my first love, from my first colouring book right up to my shiny new wacom I've been creating fanciful, bizarre and silly images and committing them to paper.

So, when I came of age I emerged from the dark forests of my homeland (Mayo) and travelled east in search of training and guidance. My journey brought me to the bustling metropolis of Dublin where I found a temple dedicated to the artily... arts.
Within this 'Art College' I dabbled in a number of mediums including pencil and inks, found objects, cardboard model making, painting, clay, wood, comics, graphic design, print, photography, costume making and more recently, digital art, and finally settling on, of all things, metalwork, so as you can see, my muses have tended towards the schizophrenic, and I often find myself easily distrac....

sorry where was I, oh yes, but it is in the last few years that I have put all of my effort and focus into becoming a concept art and character illustrator.
Those are the fine fellows behind the scenes of many films, tv, or even video games, who first conceive and create the look and designs that will inspire the
costumes, sets, and action of the final production. To work on the design of a big hollywood film or video game would truly be my dream come true.
As a result I have been busy conjuring up creatures & characters for fantasy, scifi, history and legend, as well as weapons and vehicles in an attempt to better my skills in these areas.

So, hopefully the next time you hear or read my name, its shall be way, way, way, waaaay down the credits on some game or movie, that, while you may or may not think was any good, I hope that at least it looked pretty cool!

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