Tuesday, June 26, 2012

BUT WAIT - there's more!!!! The 31 day drawing challenge is on!

This is it you guys! The 31-day drawing challenge is ON. Spend July making sketches, paintings, drawings, sculpture, photography, whatever you like on the topics below!

Post every scrap of art you make on the topics, no matter how simple or complex. If you miss a day - or many days - it doesn't matter! Jump on with the next day and join back in the fun! Even if you have an older piece that fits the theme of the day, post that! It's all about ideas, art and inspiring each other.

Images posted or linked to here will be posted up on the blog daily - or you can email your pieces to me:

donalfall (at) gmail.com

Day One - Self Portrait
Day Two - Favourite Film
Day Three - Worst Nightmare
Day Four - Still Life
Day Five - Master Copy
Day Six - You as the opposite gender
Day Seven - Favourite animated character
Day Eight - A toy
Day Nine - A mode of transportation
Day Ten - What you wanted to be when you grew up
Day Eleven - Useless Superpower
Day Twelve - A hobo
Day Thirteen - Favourite Mythical Creature
Day Fourteen - Outer Space
Day Fifteen - Fairytale
Day Sixteen - Scenery/Landscape
Day Seventeen - Just a doodle (quick and simple)
Day Eighteen - Something Orange
Day Nineteen - A book cover for your favourite novel
Day Twenty - One of the four seasons
Day Twenty One - An album cover for your favourite band
Day Twenty Two - Draw a treehouse (a dream treehouse?)
Day Twenty Three - A Tarot card
Day Twenty Four - A Monster
Day Twenty Five - Create a business card
Day Twenty Six - Your favourite animal
Day Twenty Seven - An Abstract Painting or Design
Day Twenty Eight - Four pictures that show a character aging
Day Twenty Nine - Fill an entire page with sketches and doodles - no leftover space
Day Thirty - Draw a Gangster, a Pirate, a Knight OR a Samurai
Day Thirty One - Anything you'ld like!

Looking forward to what you've got!

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