Monday, June 4, 2012

Admin Monday 4th June 2012

Well, May was the best! Our member focus time really dragged eyes to the pages of the Pub Scrawl blog and who can blame them! Take some time to revisit the great art of our members at the links below -

Jay Penn
Donal Fallon
Yolande O'Brien
Ger Coady
Mary Lillis
Patrick Gavin
Linda Boonstra
Jenny Magaharan

I'm going to try and divide up things into more important notices and less important links from now on, here we go -


Don't forget that The Gazebo Magazine is looking for art for their Dystopian Future issue - send them art before the 13th? of June I think. I shall clarify later. You can contact them -

And don't forget the talented Alan Corbett is coming to Galway in 12 days time to teach us his special class on Illustration. You can join it on FB here, email me (donalfall at or leave a comment below this post to show interest.

Our own Jason Penn coloured a kids book, you can pre-order it here.

And here's the links and so forth I've been bothering the Facebook group with daily -


I thought Shreya Shetty's monster was the cutest monster on Creature Spot.

I thought this installation piece was fairly mindblowing -

Yolande shared this project from the National Museum of Ireland - Country Life you can participate in over the summer if you have a chance.

Behance had these great photos from a Dublin based artist.

I thought Britt Wilson's piece on her style of hand lettering was really interesting.

The Underpaintings blog brought us updates from "The Art of the Portrait" conference.

Siggraph shared a video on new visual technologies that we'll be seeing in games, art programs, movies and 3d modelling in the future.

Prime is a free-to-enter Digital Art presentation book. It's short notice to tell you guys about it this year, but remember it for next year!

Ester Curini makes the coolest portraits of animals for my money.

I really, really encourage people to "like" Mike Corriero's page on Facebook. He's then dropping the price of his book when he hits various targets, so buy his book when it becomes cheaper! I already own a copy, so this is a selfless plea. :)

Dan Dos Santos published an amazing piece on how to turn a blogspot page into a beautiful gallery site on Muddy Colours. He then showed us all how it's done. Then our own Mary Lillis gave it a go, to great results!

The Golden Age Comic Book Stories blog had a huge selection of scans of Arthur Rackham art.

Jan Matejko re-created a painting as a 3-D Computer Model. It's pretty amazing!

Come join us next Monday (the 11th) for another edition of the Galway Pub Scrawl! #64 - Walken would have been a better Jar Jar Binks!


  1. It looks really cool, and I was glad that one of my random links had practical use to someone! :)